Announcing Asymco Data Downloads

Much of what is published here relies on data, lots of data. It’s important that data be published along with conclusions, but data in spreadsheets is often difficult to read. Spreadsheets are not “productized” so they are hard to explain and therefore impossible to share.

However, I am considering sharing the data I have in a format that is easier to read than a spreadsheet but richer than a screen shot of a chart.

To that end I’ve begun experimenting with a solution based on a service called Roambi. Interested readers can download Asymco authored “roambi” files which I call ADDs (Asymco Data Downloads) will display rich data sets on iOS devices. These representations are interactive and easy on the eyes.

Rather than bore with details, the following images should be sufficiently descriptive.

So, to start, I am making available the market data from the article Android’s Pursuit of the Biggest Losers for your viewing pleasure.

Here is a quick FAQ about this new way of enjoying analysis:

  • Q: What is an ADD?
  • A: An ADD is an Asymco Data Download, a new way to look at the data behind the analysis with far more detail and a visually appealing representation.
  • Q: How do I get ADDs?
  • A: You will see the latest ADD featured in most pages in this blog and new ADDs will appear from time to time in blog articles. Here is an example:
  • Q: What do I need to get and use ADDs?
  • A: Any iOS device (iPod touch, iPad or iPhone) and download the Roambi visualizer app which is free.
  • Q: Is the iPad version different than the iPhone?
  • A: Yes, much better.
  • Q: Where can I get help on using the app?
  • A: Hopefully you won’t need help, but there is help in the app and at Roambi’s site.
  • Q: Will ADDs work with Android?
  • A: No.
  • Q: Will ADDs work with <insert non-iOS device here>?
  • A: No.
  • Q: Can I see ADDs on a Windows PC or with a Mac?
  • A: No.
  • Q: Can I download the actual spreadsheets?
  • A: No.
  • Q: How much does it cost?
  • A: ADDs are free.
  • Q: What if I see an error?
  • A: Send me a message.
  • Q: Will you publish more of this data, like the Apple financials?
  • A: Yes. I hope to publish all my data. Stay tuned.
  • Q: I don’t have time to read your blog every day, can I just get the data?
  • A: I’m considering ways of creating a “premium” service. If you are interested send me a message that you would like to receive email-based links. Send request to: horace.dediu -at-

Tap Here To Install Roambi

  • famousringo

    Not sure if I care quite enough about the mobile market to scrutinize your data, but I think it's awfully big of you to share your data with those nerdier than I. I'm content to read your very intriguing analysis along with the clever comments.

    I hope your premium service takes off. Good work deserves compensation.

  • Chris

    Agree with famousrigon, but I do care. Awesome move providing the data in roambi. Wished more researchers (and also academic ones) would open their data sets to the public.
    However, I cannot download the data. Roambi throws an error message saying that data cannot be downloaded. Am I the only one having this issue?

  • Tom

    This nerd downloaded and installed the iPad app. It's humming along. I like the idea of seeing the data that Mr. Dediu saw along with the analysis he provides. This should lead to increased literacy in those charts for my own analysis. Anything is better that name calling, like fanboi or fandroid. Maybe if more people stopped to consider things more deeply, there would be less conflict?….Not!

  • Chris

    Link works. Thanks!

  • Peter

    Not sure I like the product enough to buy an iPhone!!!

  • Tom Ross

    Awesome. You should charge for that. 😉

  • Here's my feedback so far:

    app downloaded fine.

    your data downloaded to my Touch

    Pretty interesting. Sort of a cross between a PDF and Crystal Reports. I suspect it has more capabilities then what I've found so far.

  • Shafiq

    Great charts. Is there a way you can add summary views of Earnings before taxes?

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  • Great charts! Good stuff Horace!