HTC: How Taiwan Compares

Taiwanese operators Chunghwa Telecom and Taiwan Mobile have reported much interest in iPhone 4 pre-orders. Both operators announced at 9pm on 26 August they would open pre-ordering at 10am on 27 August and both operators saw their websites crash, the China Post reports. By noon, some 10,000 users had signed up with Chunghwa Telecom and by 11am Taiwan Mobile had sold out all of its 3,000 iPhone 4 handsets available for pre-ordering. Rival Far EasTone said between 30,000 and 40,000 people signed up for a phone on its website and the operator will notify people that will be able to get the handset.

Taiwan Mobile sells out of iPhone 4 pre-orders – Telecompaper.

  • duck apple

    I'm from Taiwan and yes, it's a kind of crazy. My wife got her hold of a pre-order pass after fought on the net for an hour.

    It's even more crazy if you know that a lot of pre-order passes are now trading for a fair on most auction sites in Taiwan.

    By the way, there is no price plans available for now and it doesn't seem really matter; we want it, in whatever price.