Windows Phone Thoughts: AT&T set to release multiple Windows Phones

That makes a total of six devices for [AT&T] who is looking more and more like the premier Windows Phone 7 partner.

via Windows Phone Thoughts: AT&T Set to Release Multiple WP7 Devices.

With Verizon shaping Android into its image, you can read AT&T’s embrace of Microsoft as the deeply-held belief by operators that they need multi-platform balance in their portfolio.

The idea that operators will tolerate “dominance” of a platform is looking less and less tenable.

  • Holding that belief still gives the operators the problem of finding a viable competitor to iPhone. In the USA it's not so apparent because of the GSM/ CDMA divide. People want better phones and for everyone on Verizon and Sprint, Android has much better phones than they are used to. In Europe most countries have several operators offering iPhone plans and Android is having difficulties.

  • "The idea that operators will tolerate “dominance” of a platform is looking less and less tenable."

    Since when do dumb pipes know anything about platforms?

    • They treat platforms like they treat phone vendors. They allocate slots so that power of suppliers is kept in check. This was laid out by Porter in his "Five forces" of 1979 on the bargaining power of suppliers:

      It's old school but that's operators for you.

      • AT&T didn't mind carrying the iPhone despite the rise of Android (and Symbian). And Apple is definitely the supplier granting the least bit of bargaining power… And if anything, Android offers the most bargaining power.

  • Tom

    Love sure can be blind!
    The telcos are thrilled that there are a few hundred android phones coming from dozens of suppliers. This puts all the bargaining power with verizon. ATT will gladly accept a few hundred wp7 phones from a few dozen suppliers to keep the same bargaining power over them. Verizon will also take wp7 phones, as will ATT take android phones, all for the same reason. For those two platforms, it will be pure competition. There won't be any profit in it for the suppliers. The telcos will continue to rake in the contracted income.

    Rimm supplies its phones wherever, as does nokia. The profits aren't there either.

    Only Apple, the supplier, makes profits.

  • Giving the world more windows phones is like giving the world more version of Chevy. Hard to get excited and you know you'll be subjected to some awful marketing.