Apple's segmentation strategy, and the folly of conventional wisdom

This mindset is compelling because it is simple and familiar, but it also leads to blind obsequiousness.

Historical edifices are held as indelible fact. “It’s Microsoft v. Apple all over again.” “There has to be one absolute, dominant leader.” “Open will always prevail — and should prevail — over proprietary systems.” “Market share matters above all else. Even profits.”

…it helps to see the continuum of connected devices from the perspective of their means of mobility; namely, whether they are wear-able, pocket-able, bag-able or portable.

[Apple] target specific user experiences, and build the product around that accordingly.

via Apple’s segmentation strategy, and the folly of conventional wisdom – O’Reilly Radar.

Lots of concepts that readers of this blog should find familiar ground.

  • Tom, the reader

    Thanks, Horace, for the posted link and your insights! I'm gaining a rich education in the current trends in mobility in an historical context. Much to think about. My approach to other blogs has become "asymcoistic".

  • ericgen

    Yea, I read this article this morning and immediately recognized a lot of themes. This is all the more amusing to me because @netgarden ( the author mark Sigal's twitter handle) is frequently in twitter exchanges with Kontra of Counternotions (@counternotions). They both share a fondness for Apple, design, and disruptive technology, but their exchanges with each other are mostly about basketball. 🙂

  • berult

    You could run sophisticated programs on mainframes and still not find the sweet spots. They all do, and they can't. Why is that?

    It's so simple and yet well hidden behind structural complexities. E=MCC, or an arpeggio in Mozart's 2nd movement of his Concerto for clarinet. You can't get there unless you apply prima facie derivatives after prima facie derivatives to an apprehension of reality. The logic of discovery, inventiveness and creative patterns of thoughts feeds ex ante on logistics, ex post on regression analysis.             

    Market segmentation is as complex outside looking in as it is simple and intuitive if inbred and homegrown into a cultural/sociological launching pad. To explain the clear identity between Apple and its market, between idevices and users, suffices to segment canonical Jobs/Wozniak polarities into sociological and cultural meridians.

    Jobs made a caring human being out of a narrow minded geek; Woz made a pragmatic inventor out of a control freak. It takes two to Tango and Tango they did… They still do, alchemy's bonds are known to be unbreakable, and it shows on a bottom line somewhere…       

    • ChuckO

      It's Plato's cave.

  • yowsers

    I am curious how the business schools are handling and adjusting to all this. Is it showing up in the curriculum, are they resistant to it, or are they mis-analyzing it in general?