Ticonderoga sees over 15 million iPads in 9 months

White contends iPad could be “one of the most coveted gifts” this holiday season; he sees the company selling 7.1 million units in the September 2010 fiscal year, with 19.9 million in 2011, and 25.8 million in 2012.

The analyst said his target is based on 20x his interest expense/income adjusted calendar 2011 pro forma EPS estimate, plus net cash of $49.43 a share.

via Apple: Ticonderoga Starts With Buy, Street-High $430 Target – Tech Trader Daily –

If Apple hits 5 million in the just ended September quarter and 7 million in the December quarter, we’re looking at over 15 million iPads in nine months of sales. The iPhone took about 20 months to reach the same level.

If the iPad is ramping up more than twice as fast as the iPhone, (aka the Jesus Phone) what does that make it?

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  • Magnus

    The Darwin Pad.

  • Jason

    Perhaps, it is the Zeus Pad.

  • Ben Rosengart

    The John Lennon Tablet.

    • Joe, Winfield IL

      It is, after all, bigger than the iPhone. It works with both literal and figurative meanings of bigger. Well played.

  • The Mercury Pad. Or, ironically, The Flash Pad (as in fast!)

  • Tom

    Very few tablets, with tablet-supporting gingerbread android, will be on sale this holiday season. As vic- er, customers of these android tablets suffer from buyers remorse, some will take it back – can't run apps! Why'd ya sell it to me if it can't run apps? – and get a better tablet. Now, which would that be?
    Good advertising for Apple. Another SWITCH theme:

    My hubby gave this stinkin lousy android tablet,n ya know what? This thing couldn't even run APPS! who needs a tablet that can't run APPS?Well, I took it right back n told 'em what they could do with their tablet, n then I headed on down to the Apple store n got me a REAL tablet, my little trusty iPad here! Yeeeaahh haw!,,

  • Jim

    Perhaps Apple should make Fisher-Price a licensee and slap a thick red rubber bumper on it. At least there would be no danger of recall and it might also sell well to ham-fisted adults.

  • Duotango

    The Chronos Pad.
    Chronos being Zeus' father and time keeper of the Universe in Greek mythology.
    Thus, metaphorically, hierarchically superior to the Jesus phone and bending the time-to-market of its Judeo-Christian grandson.

  • berult

    The Cresus Pad.

  • rd

    10/2/2010 0.46%
    10/3/2010 0.50%

    iPad share at reached .50% for Sunday.
    share is always higher for the weekend. I think whole
    bunch of people bought them at Target.

  • poru

    I'm amazed at how many businessmen (and women) I see in airport (and Eurostar) lounges these days with iPads. As they are presumably affluent they may be buying them for other family members as well. It's a fair assumption that Apple will sell millions this holiday season and then the critical mass effect will take over — however great the Android tablets may turn out to be, one's colleagues and family and friends will be on iOS and recommending apps. Add the iPhone halo effect and it will be tough for others to catch up but we'll see. With the plethora of Android phones will there be synergy between the tablet and the phone?

  • Gandhi

    Rumors are the Samsung Tablet is set to debut at $900. Competing against the $500 iPad that sports a larger screen and more compelling App store, Samsung's offering will be dead on arrival.

    Although to be fair, before the iPad price was announced, everyone expected the price to be $999. No one thought it would come in at $499 and sport a 10+hour battery life. More than anything else, these two factors are why we are not seeing competitors selling tablets on the market as yet. Everyone simply took their existing netbook offerings, chopped off the physical keyboard, added a touch screen and called it a day. Then Apple announces a $500 tablet with 10+ hour battery life (I consistently get between 12 and 14 hours on mine), and every one had to go back and start from scratch.

    By the time competition arrives, Apple will have released gen.2, and more importantly placed an order for 20+million for the year 2011. You just cannot compete on that type of scale unless you have a compelling offering and have capital to sustain a coherent market push. And the only companies capable of doing that are Microsoft and Google, and neither are interested in entering the hardware game.

    The iPad's hardware competitors are screwed. They cannot possibly compete against the iPad even if they get the software for free or close to free. They just don't have volume and supply chain behind their tablet, the same way Apple enjoys and Horace has detailed elsewhere on this blog.

  • Steven

    Abraham Pad (Abe being the father of three religions and all).

    But seriously, there is a sequence of reasons why iPad won't be seeing any real competition any time soon.
    1) It's only been since January that any of the competitors realized they wanted to offer a tablet.
    2) It's only been since June that any of them realized they NEEDED to offer a tablet.
    3) What happens when it's June and you need to have a shippable product in time for the holiday season? Well, pretty much what you see happening now – a whole lot of nothing.