IBM Survey: The cell phone is no longer a gadget – it’s what IT is going to become

“In all areas of software development, mobile computing is seen as the number-one hottest IT opportunity next year,” said Jim Corgel, an IBM general manager of independent software vendors and developer relations who was involved in the survey. “Not only will mobile spike to the forefront, but by 2015, respondents said it will dominate everything. The cell phone is no longer a gadget – it’s what IT is going to become.”

via IBM Survey Says Mobile Apps Will Dominate Enterprise – Venture Capital Dispatch – WSJ.

Developers are usually not very good at predicting specific business winners or losers (to prove this consider why developers don’t spend their energy and earn their living picking tech stocks instead of writing code.)

However, developers are very good at spotting long term technology trends. It was developers who championed the early internet and it was developers who saw potential in social networking. To see a survey of developers confirm that mobile devices will dominate IT, in contradiction to most incumbent strategies, is encouraging.

  • Taking inspiration from J Hammond's Forrester tweet on "Whether you want to go mobile or not, it's coming. It's just whether or not you want to be a laggard. "

    Perhaps an adapted Gibson's quote might apply: "(The) Mobile is already here, (there and everywhere) … it's just not evenly acknowledged."

  • famousringo

    The next big step is hardware docks that provide the desktop work space that people are accustomed to and software to support them. I'm talking about a big display for output, keyboard and mouse for input, maybe a wired network, but all other data storage, transfer and manipulation performed by the mobile computer.

    At that point, 90% of us will be able to do all our work on our smartphone, tablet, or pocket media player. Engineers, creative designers and the like will be the only people who will continue to need a desktop PC. The home PC will transform into a home server for those who don't want to pay or trust their data to cloud service providers.

    If I were Microsoft, I'd be freaking out. These mobile operating systems are poised to eat my lunch and I'm two years behind the game.

  • Famousringo

    What Microsoft freaking out might look like: