iPhone's smartphone share continues to rise

There is some confusion with the latest Canalys teaser press release. The implication is that Apple has lost smartphone platform share due to the Android surge.

Using the published data, it’s easy to see that Apple has continued to increase share in both smartphones and handsets as a whole.

I used green bars to represent quarterly share of smartphones and blue bars to represent quarterly share of all phones.

I used orange line to show trailing four quarters (TTM) share in regular phones and red for smartphones.

Here are the Q2 to Q3 changes in share for the vendors whose data is published:

  1. Nokia 38.4% to 32.7%
  2. Motorola 4.32% to 4.7%
  3. Samsung 5.11% to 9.71%
  4. RIM 18% to 15%
  5. Apple 13.5% to 17.4%
  6. HTC 8.65% to 8.41%
  7. Other 12% to 12%

Sequentially, Nokia lost 5.6% of share, Samsung gained 4.6%, RIM lost 3% and Apple gained 4%, Motorola, HTC and Other remained largely unchanged.

  • It's kind of startling that the Q3 spikes for the last three years are pretty much identical. Presumably Apple are limited by supply problems on each new iPhone release. If they were bothered by market share then they should solve that or release a new model in-between the main iPhone release.

    I wonder what the Q4 dip will be this year?

  • Could you include Android growth along with Apple, and if possible, US and global?

    • asymco

      I'd like to, but the information is not public and estimates by analysts are closely guarded behind pay walls.

    • asymco

      I've put forward an estimate for Android share based on vendor shares here:

  • Joe_Winfield_IL

    Watch out for Samsung. It looks like they have a big winner with Galaxy. It is an easily identifiable brand with wide distribution. I'm curious to see how they follow up their success with next year's products. Will Galaxy become a franchise brand? They are going for halo effect with the Tab, but pricing will be the issue there.

    • Samsung is firing on all cylinders, but the Galaxy has too many issues to make it a big winner in the short term. Also, the price point kinda tells you Samsung is testing the market.
      More likely, Galaxy II will be the big winner.


  • Alexkhan2000

    Read this article and forum thread on Apple Insider about the iPhone/iPad potential in China:…

    As a frequent traveler to China and the rest of Far East Asia for both supply chain and marketing matters in the work I do and as a Korean-American who grew up in Korea, I offer my 2 cents on what the market and consumer behavior is like over there. Apple hasn't even scratched the surface of the vast potential in China and Asia in general.

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