Stats update: Asymco reaches one million pageviews

I began writing in February of 2010 but I moved to my own domain in June. More than 95% of my traffic came after June 1st (during which time 284 articles were written.)

Since then 270,036 visitors came to visit 592,351 times and saw 1,063,355 pages. 65,331  stopped by more than once. 337,270 of the visits came because someone told them about Asymco. 27,113 visits came because a search engine sent them. 1,548 of those who came had something to say and they said 5,273 things. Over 2,500 asked to keep in touch.

Here is the less lyrical breakdown of that traffic as reported by Google Analytics:

1,063,355 Pageviews

270,036 Unique Visitors

  • 269,167 New Visitors
  • 65,331 Returning Visitor

592,351 visits

  • 337,270 from referring Sites (56.94%)
  • 227,277 direct traffic (38.37%)
  • 27,113 from search Engines (4.58%)

Views by operating system (top ten of 25):

  1. Macintosh 433,624
  2. Windows 271,938
  3. iPhone 201,940
  4. iPad 102,870
  5. Linux 19,898
  6. iPod 14,033
  7. Android 12,191
  8. (not set) 3,954
  9. SymbianOS 1,399
  10. BlackBerry 1,196

5,273 comments from 1,548 readers

1042 Twitter followers

248 Facebook “Like”

Approximately 1000 active RSS feeds

  • Rob Scott


  • Rob Scott

    Lots of iOS users, second biggest OS after OS X. Interesting.

  • Congrats! And this might be that one time when, as the readership increases the quality of the comments doesn't devolve to Engadget/Gizmodo/YouTube levels. Just kidding. It's statistically impossible but I can dream can't I? : )

  • Sid

    Great blog – keep it up!!

  • Robbo

    Good work! This one of my favourite reads.

  • dchu220

    The articles and commentary on this blog have been top notch since the first day. Congrats!

  • Ted Cranmore

    A hearty congrats Horace. You have a knack to presenting all the numbers I either wish I knew that I had no idea how to get, or those that I knew existed but I just don't have the time to dig out. Best of all, you synthesize and present in a way that really transforms data in real information. This is a rare talent and you are using it well.

    Keep it up, your are making a real difference!

    [Thanks for sharing you usage data, fascinating to see the iOS volume]

  • ericgen

    Congrats Horace!!! You're able to be qualitative and informative without being dry and boring. Quite an accomplishment!

  • mortjac

    Gratuler fra Norge – congrats from Norway!

  • r.d

    How have the ipad number grown. does it track with Apple's number
    or netmarketshare?

    • asymco

      The average of iPad visits as part of overall visits has not changed over the time frame. I think my audience sample is too skewed to be useful in this sort of analysis.

      I did discover one interesting pattern: on average 13% of my weekend traffic is from the iPad. On weekdays it's 9%.

  • Alexkhan2000

    The best Apple analysis site IMHO and I've been searching far and deep all over the web. I still quickly browse various Apple-related sites, general tech-related news sites and financial/stock-related sites, but I spend more time here than anywhere else. It's not only because of Horace's insightful and thought-provoking articles but due to the wealth of excellent contributions by very knowledgeable posters here.

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  • arjun_

    Glad to see you're on the road to success, been an avid reader of your blog since early 2010. Well deserved.

  • frac

    Congrats Horace.
    Well I found you through a poster on roughlydrafted and stop by every couple of days for updates but much more often if I need to check real facts, as does John Gruber @ daringfireball…
    … and that says a lot 🙂

  • dchu220

    Hey Hoarce. Are you able to measure how much of your traffic comes form Twitter, Facebook, Email and RSS?

    • asymco

      Twitter and Facebook yes. RSS only if it comes from a specific reader like Google Reader. Email no. That's all in theory. In practice I don't do any sort of traffic analysis..