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Day December 20, 2010

Poll: How would you like to get Asymco data?

I am preparing a productization of the data underlying the models I use. I am working with to build the product and we are considering several options for packaging and pricing/access.

The first question I have is about how readers would like to see the data. I put up a poll to the right.

More questions will follow.

What has Android done for Apple?

One of the most popular themes running through the mobile phone industry this year has been the unprecedented growth in Android adoption. I’ve argued that the adoption was initiated on the supply side by vendors and operators, but demand has certainly manifested itself.

Android is almost viral in the way it spreads. With no constraints on intellectual property, pricing, contracts, modification or terms of distribution, the incentives to push product out are phenomenal. It even works, mostly.

One hypothesis of the consequences of this viral adoption is that there will be a “commoditization” of smartphones with rapid price erosion to follow. This in turn might even lead to lower margins for Apple and RIM and most major vendors, including those selling Android itself.

In order to test this hypothesis, we need to look at what has been happening to prices.