Knowing me, knowing you

Among the current (~1800) followers of Asymco on Twitter, about 1000 have published “Bios”. In the interest of me getting to know you (and you one-another), here is a list of the most common words present in reader bios:

Since I believe this is a representative sample of the readers feel free to write a profile of the typical reader in the comments below.

  • tarmar

    A profile of the typical reader? Interested & Informed.

  • FalKirk

    A profile of the typical reader, using only the words listed above, (almost) in the order they were listed:

    Mobile. Tech. Anylyst. Geek. Love. Apple. Passionate (and) Enthusiast(ic). Student. (and) Lover. (of) Innovation. Information. Strateg(y) (and) Stuff.

  • Rob Scott

    Knows that mobile is the future of computing. Is an Apple (iOS, OS X) or Google (Android) fan. Educated, and open minded. Is into IT as a user or developer and/or other IT profession(s).

  • Nobody, Really

    Umm, let's see. "Passionate lover of wine-using androids"?

    • newtonrj

      Or is that a pun for 'Passionate lover of whine-using androids'? šŸ˜‰

      Interesting that we're Developers, Founders and Geeks ahead of Dads, husbands and lovers. -RJ

  • ottawaman

    Asymco is one of only a handful blogs I read every day. As many have stated earlier, what brings me back is the sharpness of the analysis and the clarity of the writing. I also value the thoughtful and smart comments (a rare commodity on the intrawebs these days…).

  • arjun_

    The typical reader has (at least) an emotional stake in the mobile phone/computing market, if not financial or professional.

    As I said before, the definition of typical reader will change radically as Asymco's popularity grows with numerous mentions on PED and DF.

  • dchu220

    I feel like I've gained 10 IQ points from reading this blog!

    Love your blog and thanks for putting up with my occasional (or frequent) stupid comments!

  • Asymco's Typical Twitter User Profile: A male that puts love on about the same level as the iPhone but puts mobile technology above it all.

  • Fred

    A person interested in understanding the convergence of mobile, the web, and related technologies so that one can develop strategy and tactics to create value and wealth.

    Your analytical skills, category knowledge, and clear prose offer new perspectives and attract credible readers who also provide insight, knowledge, and counterpoint, fostering a blog network effect of incisive debate and critical thinking.


  • WaltFrench

    I blush.

  • I find the relatively high(er) ranking of ‘music’ to be, um, note-able.