Hyvä Suomi! O Canada!

When looking at unique visitors as a proportion of population, this site is more popular in Finland and Canada than in the United States.

Very impressed with Singapore and New Zealand who punch above their weight. UK is second in overall volume. Honorable mention to Australia, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland.

It’s interesting to compare this list with Newsweek’s ranking of the world’s best countries.

  1. Finland
  2. Switzerland
  3. Sweden
  4. Australia
  5. Luxembourg
  6. Norway
  7. Canada
  8. Netherlands
  9. Japan
  10. Denmark
  11. United States
  12. Germany
  13. New Zealand
  14. United Kingtom

The correlation is uncanny.

  • Jon T

    Are Nokia people picking up valuable titbits do you think?

    • dchu220

      RIM from Canada at number 2

  • David Emery

    Another possible explanation for the large proportion of Finnish visitors is they’re from Nokia, trying to “figure out this iPhone thing” 🙂

  • Les S

    Why do you keep tormenting me? 😉

  • One of the few from India. 😀

  • I suspect the Nokia and RIM headquarters are watching your site with keen eyes.

  • Gipsons

    Thanks for including Taiwan as a country, unlike Apple which lumps them in with "greater china". Hope you don't take too much heat from the Chinese for this.

    • dchu220

      I'm really trying hard to get that Taiwan number higher.

    • 21tiger

      Who do you think has more to lose by pissing off the PRC Govt, Apple, or some blogger? Oops!

    • KenC

      I highly doubt Apple is kowtowing to the wishes of the PRC when it groups China with Taiwan, and Hong Kong and Singapore. Having visited Apple's offices in Hong Kong and Taiwan, back in the late 80s, it seemed pretty obvious that the grouping was based upon a common written language, as the company was exclusively a computer company and they sold a localized Chinese OS. I still have ver 4.3 and 7.1.

  • Charel

    Where English is not the first language the rating would be:
    Compared to the number of inhabitants you have quite an international following.

  • Charel

    Oops, I forgot Finland.

  • Arun

    And it looks like I'm the only one from India who frequents your site! My countrymen are losing out on a good thing.

  • r0b0t

    You could also try to create "unique visitors as a proportion of population with access to the internet" 🙂

  • Horace:

    There is TOO much white space on your site.

    Run some more adds in all that white space.

    • starkhalo

      Love me my white space, thou shalt not taketh away

  • Alfredo

    Internet users:

    Finland 4.5 million
    Canada 25 m
    US 230 m
    Singapore 3.3 m
    New Zealand 3 m

  • Martin

    The US is #3 and #11? I think we've got some invadin' to do…

  • Joe_Winfield_IL

    Horace, why the total miss on Luxembourg?!? This hamlet is an untapped growth opportunity for your services. I'm very disappointed to see that once again, a multinational* organization completely ignores the little guys.

    *Your Romanian/American/Finnish background qualifies Asymco as multinational, no?

  • Ryan

    I’m Finnish-Canadian. I guess that’s why I check this site so frequently…

  • Ian Ollmann

    Clearly, you are a hit with the caribou!

  • Robbo

    Nice to see New Zealand on the list!

  • Tadhg

    I love to see Ireland scoring so high when there are less than 4.5 million of us, all others have far more. If not hundreds of millions.

  • CndnRschr

    It's so frickin cold in Finland and Canada (and Norway and Sweden) and there is no sun at this time of year anyway, that we have nothing warmer or brighter to do. The white space also helps with SAD.

  • 21tiger

    I'm in China, but I'm showing as AMERICAN because I use a US VPN. I wonder how many others are like me (from Shanghai).

    • asymco

      Interesting. China is very low on the list. Maybe this explains why.

  • Iosweeky

    Us kiwis like taking our asymco laden iPads to the beach this time of year.

    And the only thing we care about is being better than the aussies, regardless of the massive population disadvantage, so thumbs up all round.

    • unhinged

      Come on Aussie, come on, come on…

  • zzeed

    I helped increase the Malaysian hits a little bit. Keep it up, Mr. Dediu…

  • Ziad Fazel

    Hi and salut right back to you all, from Canada.

  • Not sure if anyone mentioned this but there are likely a good amount of people that use google reader and apps like Reeder (based on the former) to read your articles instead of going to the site. That would likely skew some of the datanin favor of the USA.