[Sponsor] Technology Coast Consulting: A new report on Smartphones in the US Enterprise

In my blog I rely only on public sources but there are times when interviews with industry participants can really inform tactics and strategy. This is the sort of heavy lifting that Technology Coast Consulting and Galvin Consulting did to prepare their report “Smartphones in the US Enterprise.”

Technology Coast Consulting and Galvin Consulting directly support clients and mid-tier research firms on hundreds of market intelligence and primary research projects.  These research organizations’ combined expertise extends from mature hardware and software to emerging technology. They also offer the services and support required to deploy and maintain these solutions.

For the past decade these firms have developed relationships with subject matter experts and industry influencers worldwide.  These connections put them in close proximity to the tactical and strategic information that IT, product management, marketing and sales executives seek.

By interviewing thousands of technology consumers Technology Coast Consulting and Galvin Consulting obtain an understanding of the integration of technology within corporate enterprises and the application of technology within a given industry.

For additional information, please visit:  Technology Coast Consulting or Galvin Consulting.

The American Wireless Galapagos Syndrome: How the industry set itself up for a rout

AT&T’s intent to acquire T-Mobile USA is subject to regulatory approval. Will regulators look at the deal through the lenses of sustaining the traditional industry’s profit allocation or through the lenses of device-led disruption?

In theory, regulators are to make a determination on whether the deal will reduce customer choice. But the question is really choice of what? The focus is presumably on the choice of service plans. That’s understandable, however coupled to that choice is the choice of devices and even more importantly, the choice of platforms.

The trouble is that US consumers have never had much choice and the US wireless marketplace has been a minefield of incompatibilities and obstacles to market forces.

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