The Pipeline #52: Horace Dediu – 5by5

My thanks to Dan Benjamin for taking the time to chat and for preparing this program:

The Pipeline #52: Horace Dediu – 5by5.

  • Les S

    Great interview. Thanks for doing this. By the way in the interview you made the point that you’d like to see business analysis approached with what sounds like the scientific method. You also mentioned that there are those in academia who share your vision. Could you point those of us who are interested in looking at this in the same way to some resources that could provide even more illumination on the matter?

  • Thank *you* for taking the time, Horace. It was a great privilege to speak with you.

  • It's great to hear your actual voice. I expected you to have a thicker accent. 🙂

  • Awesome interview. Everyone who reads this blog should go listen to this now.

  • Nice to hear a bit about your history. An interesting podcast.

  • We all have different perspectives on the same thing we're looking at, and it's wonderful that all of us are contributing to your ability to help us all see more clearly. My particular perspective is from an "information" point of view, and the misrepresentations and misuses of it. The stuff I see written in the tech space on a daily basis is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. I'm certain you often have that same reaction. 🙂

    As you say in your interview, you're trying to bring a better way of looking at business. I like that you understand that pictures are worth a thousand words, and you only use words to "punctuate" the visual.

    Steve Jobs uses visuals to great and powerful effect, for example, communicating a ton with little effort. But if the President of the United States uses just one graph, he's slammed for it, and that's sad, because words are so awkward, can be twisted and taken out of context, and easily misinterpreted when directly transmitted from his voice to our ears. Visuals are much more robust.

    There are things that are personal preference, and things that are true for all of us. We can all have opinions, but we also live in a shared reality. The people in orbit around you, like me, are the type who lust for the most accurate view of our shared reality.

    And just as the market innovates and disrupts the old ways of doing things and replaces it with something completely different, we also need to innovate how we analyze the world and how we have "exchanges" over it, AND leave behind old ways of looking at things which no longer work for us, as you have consistently done.

    While many if not most people are caught in conventional thinking and continue to, say, argue over who is going to "win," you, myself and your fans can move move forward as a group and leave all that behind, and innovate and incrementally refine our view of our shared reality. Innovation doesn't only happen with gadgets.

    Forget them and let's keep pushing the envelope. That's my perspective.

  • iBob

    Thank you for doing the interview. It made you become all the more real to us.

  • Seriously awesome interview by Dan. Great hearing your thoughts in audio format Horace.

  • Most enjoyable interview. Keep up the good work.

  • Eric D.

    I listen to a lot of Dan Benjamin's shows, so this was a nice surprise.

    I found the whole interview interesting, but my biggest takeaway is that through this blog you are conducting an exercise in crowdsourcing. And it's helping you get an edge over the institutional analysts.

    This is why I love the web. Consider Wikipedia: the largest common human project in all of history. No government or private enterprise was instrumental in making it come about. It's really a new era.

    • asymco

      Teachers have been practicing crowdsourcing for millenia. It's now possible for many others and on a far grander scale.

  • davel


    Thank you for doing the interview and sharing with us. I for one am surprised you are an engineer, but that answers for me why you take the approach you do.

    The interview brings a lot of context to this blog.

    I think I will look at other things posted on that site.

    Thank you.

  • KGB

    Thanks for your visual insight!

  • Jon

    Dan should just give you a weekly show like John Gruber and Marco Arment. Then it would be like the holy trinity of Apple podcasts.