Visualizing Mobile Phone Vendor Performance Through Motion Charts

Warning: This requires Flash.

Try the following settings:

  • Set y-axis to Profit (units: $ Billion)
  • Set x-axis to Volumes (in Millions/quarter).
  • Set Size: Revenues in $Billion. (Scroll within gadget to see Size selector).
  • Set Color: ASP (Average Selling Price in US Dollars)
  • Press Play or use scroll bar to scrub through time.

Note the “Vendor data” tab where you can see the source data and options for different chart types (upper right of chart).

Click here for a larger version.

  • Wow, that’s a painful end for Nokia.  Interesting to see, with the exception of Nokia, how the iPhone really impacted an entire industry rather than just Apple.  It was especially good for Samsung with HTC doing well also.  RIMM is a weird, interesting ride, never that big (profit-wise), a rise, then a fall but still better than half which are hitting negative profits.

  • Anonymous

    That’s a very sad look at Nokia. Samsung is definitely trending well at the end, but the most interesting one for me is Apple.

    You can see how Apple’s circle goes in bursts. It gets higher and larger, then retracts a little bit, then it gets higher and larger then before, and retracts a little. There’s a definite cycle there. At the end of the animation it is retracting, but if the cycle continues … how high and large will Apple’s circle get?

    And, with the new pricing on iPhone 3GS (free) will it start to move to the right as well?

  • What is your source?

    • Company reports published on their web sites.

  • What is your source?