Daily Archives: January 18, 2012

Introducing Asymconf

Asymconf is the Asymco experience. Live.

Attendees will be treated to an engaging, participatory experience. Using the case method, you will be guided through four probing questions pertinent in modern market analysis.

  1. What is disruption and how can it be harnessed? The case of mobile computing.
  2. What are the jobs that the entertainment industry is hired to do? The case of Hollywood.
  3. Is Wall Street more than good enough? The case of financial over-service.
  4. What are the limits of education? The case of learning and the theater.

If you would like to take part, please register your interest here.

—Horace Dediu & Indrek Vainu


The conditions for survival and prosperity

Yesterday’s post described the history of personal computing platforms over the past 37 years. It showed a distinct shifting of “eras” between traditional personal computing and the emergent mobile computing represented by device-based platforms.

Underlying these lives (and deaths) of platforms were the growth (and decline) of fortunes of companies and people. I hoped that by observing these patterns insight could be gained into the conditions for success or failure.

The following graph shows the companies which were predominant (in the top five ranking by shipments[1]) during each year of the industry’s history and the volumes they were able to obtain during that period. I also added Nokia and RIM as examples of the challengers coming from mobile devices.

It’s a difficult graph to interpret. Continue reading