5by5 | The Critical Path #25: Only the freshest Mountain Dew

We take a look at Mountain Lion as evidence that Apple is cross-pollinating its product lines. We look at the Apple stores as a service brand and Horace tips his hand ever so slightly about Asymconf.

via 5by5 | The Critical Path #25: Only the freshest Mountain Dew.

  • HKGuest

    If Apple use the IOS model in Mac…means the OS comes free with the hardware and upgrade is free.  Microsoft and other PC vendors will be in trouble.

  • Fellcolor

    My first reaction to the Apple Store numbers was to be startled, but then I had a more interesting thought — I did spend a few hundred dollars at Apple Stores last year.  But those numbers are dwarfed next to the total I spent on Apple products in that time – iPhone 4s ordered on line, iPad from Target, multiple Macs from a computer specialist non-Apple retail store.  Are there interesting things to be said about how all of these ways to buy Apple’s products fit together?