Reception and workshop at the Apple Investor Summit

This is a reminder that I will be speaking at the Apple Investor Summit on March 15th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. My topic will be Apple’s capital expenditure structure and how that foretells strategy. I will present previously unpublished data and review the likely scenarios for 2012 iOS device production. As I prepared it I realized that with only 45 minutes there is a limited amount of detail I can provide.

To remedy that and to offer an opportunity to have a detailed question and answer session on related topics, I decided to offer a workshop-like reception at the end of the day. The time would be around 6:30 PM on the 15th and last at most two hours. The location will be in the vicinity of the LA Convention Center.

If you are interested in participating, please let me know so I can decide the type of venue to rent. Please also note that there will be a cost involved and pricing will depend on the number of participants. My current estimate is that the price will be $150 per person.

  • Ed Dale

    I’ll be there Horace – would love to participate.

  • Ovi

    I plan on driving down for this. Let us know how we can pay the fee.

  • I purchased one of the $199 tickets but unfortunately I am not going to make it.
    Anyone who want’s my ticket?

  • I’m interested!

  • I’m very interested in the workshop.

  • Jon hoskins

    I can’t spend 2 days out of production to attend the conference. I could do 2 hours thursday night. Can I just attend the evening session?

  • Jeff

    I will be there

  • I will be there for the workshop.

  • Mark212

    Count me in. Can’t make AsymConf so this will have to do.

  • Davel

    Good luck with this

    Your article on this was very interesting

  • I expect to attend the workshop.

    Ian Bennett Alas

  • Horace, I suggest that whenever you are going to present at a public conference that is not your own conference like Asymnconf that you post on your twitter feed or better yet in your blog the conference URL and what you will be doing at the conference.  In addition I think you should have a single Mobile Industry Conferences list with Asymnconf list as a subsidiary.  Then an short email can go out for each conference about two months before the event.  However notice is given, it need to be two months or so.  I would have come to  Apple Investor Summit if I had that much notice.

  • Mike from MB

    Does anyone know where specifically the workshop is going to be.  I purchased my ticket through Tito link, but all my receipt and ticket say that it is in the vicinity of the LA Convention Center.  Any help would be appreciated.

  • phakim

    I would love to attend the event but unfortunately can’t make it. Will you be publishing any of this information on your website or making it available for purchase as a DVD or something like that? 

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  • I will be at the summit, look forward to it.

  • Horace, greatly enjoyed your workshop last week. I wrote a follow-up blog post regarding how/why Apple has avoided the innovator’s dilemma for the *iPod*, and hoping you’ll give it some thought!