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Day April 4, 2012

5by5 | The Critical Path #32: Mockumentary

Horace talks again with Dan Abrams about film budgeting, Kickstarter, pre-production, location, technology for production, and a surprise announcement. We also discuss the project-oriented nature of movie production vis-a-vis “pipelined” product development, the history of studios and how they evolved, Pixar and much. much more.

via 5by5 | The Critical Path #32: Mockumentary.

Show Notes and Links:

  1. Roger Corman blog post
  2. The False Profit Kickstarter page
  3. Discussion of the film by Bill Torgerson, another CP guest
  4. Steven Bach and the history of United Artists “Final Cut”
  5. Steven Bach on Wikipedia
  6. Technology drivers for the Impressionist era

This was quite a fun show.

Weighing the share of value created

Philip Elmer-Dewitt published a table from Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster which has some interesting details. Munster has taken a four year “tech sector” view of value creation (and destruction) and tried to see if there is a bound on the value Apple can continue to capture. This “share of value” is one of many approaches to bounding an opportunity. You could consider “share of wallet” by measuring disposable income, or “share of eyeballs” by measuring screen time available or even “share of GDP”.

The attractive part of the share of value of industry is that we have an implicit way to see winners and losers, or the transfer of wealth from one group to another. I charted the data published as follows:

Seen in this context, Apple generated nearly as much value[1] as RIM, Nokia, Sony, Dell, HP and Microsoft destroyed. The rest of