The Critical Path: The First Year » What I've learned so far on Kickstarter

One week into this project and the response has been phenomenal. We are at nearly 500% funded. There are 414 backers so far and the average pledge is nearly $34. This means that the vast majority of people (328 so far) opted for the $35 pledge. Many pledged even more than $35.

Perhaps it’s only symbolic but the interest in the hard copy version was something I did not expect. It’s gratifying that people would prefer to have a physical representation of the work. It also means that I have to think carefully about the production of a good quality paper book.

The abundance of support allows me to invest in design, editing and perhaps illustration as well as the text. I will also have to do a lot of signing.

Thanks again to all who have contributed. I’m completely humbled by the level of support and can only promise to keep doing that which has been so resolutely defended by you all.

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  • Miha

    Horace? You are truly surprised? Are you the only one on this blog who doesn’t understand who Horace Dediu is to us?

  • Miha

    Horace? You are truly surprised? Are you the only one on this blog who doesn’t understand who Horace Dediu is to us?

  • Another confirmation that a lower priced option tends to sell more higher priced option?

    • You’ve got it backwards…there were more people paying for the higher priced option than the lower priced option by a greater than 4 to 1 ratio.

      Price isn’t important if the value is there. Hardbound, signed book has greater value than eBook – regardless of cost (within reason).

      • I should rephrase it. I meant “Another confirmation that the presence of a lower priced option tends to sell more of the higher priced option?”

        Doubtless, the tilt to higher price is a sign of overwhelming support to HD.

  • Second Kudos from Miha. I missed this but will be interested in any book from Horace.

  • tedcranmore

    Horace, what is your conclusion regarding the popularity of the physical book? I wonder if I’m like many others who *REALLY* don’t want hard copy books, but still ordered this one.

    Why did I order it when I so prefer eBooks/eTextBooks and hope I never buy a physical piece of any type of media again? The answer is in the signature, we really are part of a community and despite my affinity for gadgets and bits, the answer is really, “it’s personal”.

    P.S. If there is anyone who can finally bring my vision of a great iBooks textbook to it’s true potential, I’m sure you’re the one who can do it!

    • sunil

      Second this completely.. captures my reasons for opting for the $35 pledge.

  • Suhit Anantula

    Horace for me it is a trust in you that you will be really creative in the way you do this but there will be a lot of information that I can learn from. In terms of hard copy, I am a ebook person but I pledged for the hard copy because I want to highlight and share it with people. And I know that you will start thinking differently for that version. Good luck

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