5by5 | The Critical Path #44: White Knights and White Nights

Dan and Horace reflect on the Osbourne effect of Windows Phone 8 on Nokia and how to value a company in distress. In particular, we talk about the potential of a Microsoft acquisition and the conditions needed to make it happen. Horace takes two reader questions: How did Samsung succeed while other vendors failed with Android and what are the pitfalls that could cause Apple to stumble.

via 5by5 | The Critical Path #44: White Knights and White Nights.

  • Lee

    Horace – I feel your explanation of Samsung’s success goes only part of the way.

    Distribution channels/networks are, of course, vastly important but ultimately you must have compelling products also.

    To my mind, Samsung’s success is as much about riding on Apples design coattails, having so blatantly cloned/mimicked Apples successful designs.

    If they’d, instead, been forced to come up with their own hardware and GUI designs from the outset, I suspect they’d be closer to the pack of other OEM’s touting Android.

    This would seem to be the basis of Apple’s various lawsuits across the globe.

    • Mike Wren

      There have been so many failures — RIM, Nokia, HTC, etc. The few successes have been Apple, Samsung and Amazon. We all know about Apple. Amazon with the Fire has the cheap price and the ecosystem. Samsung is more of a mystery. Is Samsung just a fast follower? Horace, I would welcome a complete article or better yet several articles over time on Samsung. Ten minutes on The Critical Path was just an appetizer.

      • JohnDoey

        Samsung’s products are copies of the best-selling Apple products, but Samsung’s are available in like 2x the locations. When the Apple devices show up at a location, Samsung’s sales fall.

        Kindle Fire is not a success. It has made zero profit, has only 40% user satisfaction, and sells used now for $75, after only a few months.

        We are in a strange place right now. Most phone companies are mortally wounded but not dead yet, and Samsung is alive only because they counterfeited Apple. Android 3 and 4 failed. There are zero successes in Apple’s markets other than Apple.

  • Wrong parable, Elop is Cortez not Osborne. No turning back after that memo.