Using Perspective

A 2 minute video introduction on how I use Perspective to create interactive presentations:

[vimeo 47865727 w=442]


  • Very cool. Makes me want an iPad. One nitpick. Your face is visible in the reflection on the iPad and your lips move out of sync with the audio. It’s kinda spooky.

    • I thought he just overlaid his voice over the video of his demonstration 😉

  • LRLee

    Just FYI, if you swipe with four fingers left and right on the iPad, you can move between apps without having to hit the home button, then choosing the previous app. Something I learned just recently. Particularly useful when you’re switching back and forth between two apps

    • Excellent point. It might be a bit hard for the viewer to see that I’m gesturing however.

      • Oliver Bruce

        The other thing you can do is slide four fingers up, which will bring up the multitasking menu. This would probably be a good mid point – they see you’re switching applications, but you don’t need to do the doubletap on the home button.

        Video demo here:

  • Paul

    The voice-over is barely correlated with what is shown in the video, especially toward the end. This makes it very hard to listen to what you are saying and understand how it relates to the app. You have to remember, most people haven’t used it yet. It needs more/better editing. :/ Perhaps (by Adam Lisagor) can help?

  • diversification. nice. I always wondered how you do your graphs 🙂
    (and one idea I had: you must be building your own tools… spot on)


  • bug? or did you just canned my previous comment? 🙁

  • What stand are you using for the iPad?

  • Will Simons

    Horace, at the close of the video, you refer to a second or subsequent video(s). Where can I find them or are they still in production? Cheers.