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Day November 16, 2012

Sponsor: Dozeo

dozeo is a young and innovative team of developers and online media experts from Stuttgart, Germany. Together we are excited about redefining videoconferencing and providing a hassle-free solution for people to meet online and communicate live and interactively with each other.

dozeo represents a new kind of social video conferencing. It combines powerful features into an intuitive and stylish design that can easily withstand a comparison with the established online conferencing tools.

Upcoming integrations of dozeo into existing social media platforms will increase the fun factor and improve the effective use of online collaboration tools. With the existing integration for Github we have already made a start: developers get the chance to avoid lengthy plain text discussions and join a video conference directly from GitHub.

Check it out for yourself and sign up for a free dozeo account.

Happy meetings!

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Sponsorship by The Syndicate

The cost of mobile clicks

Google’s operating margins fell to 23.7% last quarter. This level is the lowest I’m aware of. From 2007 to late 2009 margin went from about 31% to about 37%.  Then from early 2010 until present they fell. The history is shown the the following graph.

[I included Microsoft and Apple operating margins for comparison.]

Some of the recent decline is due to the inclusion of Motorola into consolidated earnings. Motorola gross margins were therefore 18%. Excluding Motorola, Google gross margins (Revenues-Cost of Revenues) were 61.5% of revenues.  However, even excluding Motorola, Google’s core margins dropped.