Update on Asymconf

Asymconf is developing well. Workshops are at 75% 90% capacity. I’m also delighted to also announce some of our distinguished guests:

More to come.

  • mark212

    Andy Zaky?

    • Kristian Iskanius

      Second that.

  • Kristian Iskanius

    Excellent group of people. 🙂

    • mark212

      Second that!

  • Benjamin Alexander

    Horace is disrupting hobnobbing.

  • LRLee

    How about inviting Tim Cook? Might as well shoot for the moon.

  • Frank Vaughn

    I’m looking forward to it!

  • Hamamd Mazhar

    Quick Question: How come “Conf+1 Workshop” package is (slightly) more expensive than buying the two separately ? I am hoping it was a typo 🙂

    • Horace Dediu

      Asymconf + 1 workshop was a superfluous ticket. I removed it.