New Padcast: The Ecosystem Wars and the Factory

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2013 will see two billion phones shipped to over 4 billion consumers. Contrary to the common assumption that larger markets sustain more competitors, this rapidly growing market is profitable for only two device vendors. Horace Dediu seeks answers to this paradox at the Harvard Business School Technology and Operations Management Digital Seminar Series. Self-recorded live on March 7, 2013, 45mins, 22.5Mb.

Download for iPad and iPhone: here. Requires Perspective app from Pixxa.

  • Nice presentation. If owning the means of production (or by proxy the bulk of specialized equipment used, if not facilities) is a necessary requirement to fulfill the coming years appetite for smartphones, then what prevents another ecosystem player from spending hordes of cash to do the same? Is there a limit within the system, whether in specialized machinery or expertise, that a combined Samsung and Apple can suck the oxygen from the market? Apple has had instances in the past of buying up the bulk of a particular component, such as RAM or displays, to limit other players options. Is it specialized machinery now, or some other unknown limited resource?

  • Ian Ollmann

    I wish I had gotten to hear the questions after the presentation.

    • You are right. Admittedly we are not “good enough” for Q&A yet but it’s on the list.

      Also if we captured all the conversation then there’d be no reason for you to ever go to a talk…

      • claimchowder

        Except for posing questions, of course…

  • Ben

    I’ve been trying to download the presentation from within the app and it just keeps timing out. Tried all day on 2 different connections.

    • @Ben, you can use the Feedback button at the bottom of the Featured screen of Perspective App and we can help you resolve this.

  • John F.

    It’s a pity that just those with an Ipad/Iphone can access/hear to this presentation, a huge and wider public is missing out