The Critical Path #96: P is for Personal

Product, Promotion, Price, Positioning and Placement: The iPhone at seven. The 5C as a new product and the prospect for price reduction. The positioning of the 5S and the potential for the M series and Touch ID.

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  • santoscork

    Loosely speaking, computers are also part of a bundle in that the desktop is very watered down without an internet connection. In this way they are like mobile phones.

  • You won’t have to wait much longer for a cheaper phone from Apple. It’s called the iPad Mini and it uses FaceTime Audio. They already have half a billion subscribers and they Think Different.

    • Karthik

      With every software release, the expectation when buying a new phone is going to be that the purchased phone can run the latest iOS release. It would be a mess if Apple has to have to dedicate space on their URL describing what aspects of an iOS version every phone can run. They do now but thats comparing different phones and its acceptable as they are comparing new phones to old phones.

      The software is probably the rate limiting step when it comes to making a phone that justifies a price of $199 or so unlocked…

      Any comments – Horace / Readers?

  • Jeff G

    I think the pricing of iPhones might be more transparent, or recognized than you are giving it credit for. I googled “How much does an iPhone 5 cost?”

    This was the first (unsponsered) hit:

    And this part was visible in the search results – before clicking on the link: “$99.00 to $649.00”