Apple Success All About Customer Loyalty: Dediu: Video – Bloomberg

My brief appearance on Bloomberg Surveillance last week:

Apple Success All About Customer Loyalty: Dediu: Video – Bloomberg.

  • It’s too bad their automated transcript is so bad. At times it fails in the worst possible way, such as “It is mostly iphone people upgrading to the android,” when what you actually said was the exact opposite. You should see if you could get them a corrected transcript.

  • FalKirk

    The commentator opines: “Why doesn’t Apple lower their prices? To me it’s a no-brainer.”

    His suggestion is a no-brainer, alright, but in exactly the opposite way that he meant. 🙂

    • JDSoCal

      Yep, I’ve always found him an unwatchable dumb bunny. Horace was great though.

  • FalKirk

    Horace, I was very impressed with the speed (and quality) of your responses. That may sound like a shallow point to make, but in the environment in which you were being interviewed, speed really matters. I could never have responded so quickly and have hoped to be as clear, concise and coherent as you were.

    Well done.

  • Christopher

    Bloomberg has spelled your name incorrectly! They transposed the ‘i’ and the ‘d’! Perhaps they will fix it for you.

    I always respect your work Horace. Thoroughly enjoy your podcasts.

  • MOD

    The Capital Expenditures may indicate a future rise in sales (if it can sell what it manufactures), but Apple could also outsource (as it used to) its manufacturing.

    Thus a drop in CapEx does not contraindicate a drop in sales.

  • N

    Nice job. Say what you want but the time constraints of television has advantages. I saw it in the Bloomberg app on my iPad. The app enables you to collect all clips about Apple. That’s all I watch. I cut the cable cord in 2007. I love my FIOS Internet connection though.

  • Bruno

    Sorry, but Indonesia has less population than US, according to this website

  • Greg ZX

    The other factor in Apple’s CapEx is the change in model design. 2013 probably saw falling CapEx because all the machinery used to machine the iPhone 5s and new iPads were already bought (metal milling for the aluminum cases, etc.). There’s was no reason to meet the 2012 spending when they had to buy a whole new set of equipment for manufacturing the iPhone 5’s new chassis.

  • stefnagel

    Horace, Bloomberg needs you. But do you need it?