The Critical Path #105: Subsidize This

Horace unpacks the rumored, denied, and seemingly inevitable arrival of iPhone on China Mobile. Reflecting on smartphone adoption in the US, where does the unconventional logic take us from here?

via 5by5 | The Critical Path #105: Subsidize This.

  • Walt French

    At the start, I wondered how much you could just swap in “Samsung” sted “Apple” and tweak the narrative a bit.

    Then came the market share/logistics discussion and something jumped out at me: how much Apple is keeping its eye on the ball when it comes to smart phones.

    Not worried about “innovation” or “hits.” Just managing its business superbly.

  • normm

    Nice discussion! You should also predict the month when the iPhone will have half of the smartphone subscribers in the US. That’s a nearer term projection, so the smartphone and iPhone curves are even less likely to change by then. And it’s dramatic: people will be able to look at the data rather soon and see whether or not you got it right! (Of course what you’re really predicting is when comScore MobiLens will say that iPhone has half of all smartphone subscribers!)