Electric Shadow 1: Bicycle for the Mind

Horace Dediu and Guy English discuss the future of TV, how we consume media, and the fate of console-style devices. From Apple to Nintendo and beyond, is there one box to rule them all, or can there be?

Interview segment: Cinematographer Barry Braverman talks about working with director Wes Anderson (uncut version to be posted as Screen Time #54)

via 1: Bicycle for the Mind.

  • fl1nty

    There was an episode on screen time right with a similar topic list?

  • ludo

    bicciclette —> biciclette, doubles are hard even for Italians 😉

  • marcoselmalo

    Loved the big data rant.

    I think the deciding factor in whether or not ATV will be a hit is the Apps. If Apple offers an App Store, it could be very game changing: we will see a shift in the business model of content owners and content distributors (cable companies).

    I think Apple has the technological problems solved. The big obstacle is shifting from a channel paradigm to an app paradigm.