The Critical Path #115: The Canvas of Pixels

Horace and Moisés talk about Amazons acquisition of ComiXology, digging into the very “local” nature of book publishing in general and the extreme regional differences in content popularity and delivery.

via 5by5 | The Critical Path #115: The Canvas of Pixels.

  • N

    I liked this show a lot more when it focused on Apple. With its current schedule of every month it seems there’d be enough Apple material to discuss. Let’s face it. Apple is still the company that the media and people in general love to talk about the most. If Bloomberg West can devote at least one minute per show and often a lot more to Apple I suspect CP could devote 12 hours per year.

    • The Critical Path is a talk show contemplating the causality of success and failure in the evolving story of mobile computing and related industries. Using Apple as a lens to look at existing and emerging tech markets, we try to understand what it means to be great.

      • Moisés Chiullan

        Yeah, what he said.

        In the case of this particular topic, w/r/t apps and ecosystem, I assure you I wasn’t thinking of predominantly Android & Kindle, and certainly not Windows. Android/Kindle are an invasive presence in the Apple-dominated app/digital content market, so I don’t see how this episode had nothing to do with Apple.

        My assumptive examples were all within the iOS realm, with Amazon as a content provider in that ecosystem. As a regular listener, I would think that the Apple/Mac/iOS presence can be assumed rather than overt in an episode like this one.

        I guess what I’m saying is that where Apple-centric shows are more forthright and front-and-center about the Apple presence, we present the show as Apple-relative instead, and tend to Think Different(ly) in our approach.

      • 21tigermike

        There have been no shows of late. And now with WWDC coming up, I guess you guys have nothing to say? :/

      • Moisés Chiullan

        Our respective travel schedules have conflicted, and I’m on the tail-end of suddenly having to move. We’ll have another one soon. Trying to make something interesting happen *at* WWDC, too.

      • Walt French

        OK, I get that comics can be great in their own form, and that they’re perhaps a significant share of e-commerce that happens with modern devices.

        Listening to the show, however, I didn’t get how they were somehow unique in that regard, or exemplary in ways that’d help us understand the other 99% of what people use smartphones and tablets for. One may like comics (they don’t especially hold my attention) and one may want to call out the business of them (the fairs sounded like what could’ve happened a century ago) but I didn’t see how they particularly brought insight to “existing and emerging tech markets,” or “what it means to be great.”

        My 2¢ Dept.

      • N

        I know the mission statement. I’ve listened to all the shows. If the engagement level keeps increasing among people that advertisers want to reach then my feedback is irrelevant. I want to listen to a show analyzing Apple. Just because I want it doesn’t mean I’ll get it. Regardless of what you cover, CP would benefit from having multiple segments and time limits for each segment. Say what you want about professional shows like Bloomberg West but it’s tight — like a hit pop song, a comic book, and yes Apple.