The Critical Path #121: There’s a lot more to say

Farshad Nayeri, Anders Brownworth and I discuss Apple Watch as I drive from the launch venue to the airport.

via 5by5 | The Critical Path #121: There’s A Lot More To Say.

  • stefnagel

    Makes complete sense that Apple would put a computer on your wrist: screen, input, processors. Apple is still Apple Computer at heart. It’s kinda sweet.

    I have never liked or worn a wristwatch. Or jewelry. I was hoping for a minimalistic sensor device I could abide wearing for the sake of my health, that would use my phone for its interpretation and expression.

    Always told my kids to stay near the fresh water and the Mayo Clinic. That’s the key: When the Mayo tells me it will be a significantly better healthcare partner … maybe cheaper as well … I will stick an aWatch on my arm.

    Or when the witching stick app comes to the watch …

    • Space Gorilla

      I wonder though, if the minimalistic sensor device is going to be the 3rd or 4th iteration of Apple Watch. I also wanted more of a minimal bracelet, but I also trust that Apple knows what they’re doing.

      • actualbanker

        The AppleWatch Shuffle in effect. I think it makes sense – though with a better name… likely Bracelet… since they are using Watch.

  • Juan Ageitos

    Thank you for your thoughts Horace. Only 2 points:
    a) I believe there is no wifi in the apple watch. The device uses the GPS and wifi from the iphone fro a more precise location and movement data. On the other hand, the latest apple tv does have Bluetooth – just check the settings
    b) a couple of questions from your co-hosts were pretty pointless regarding volumes and brand positioning 🙂 smart wearables will bring a complete new level of usability to users overtime… I can see how some sensational tech media journalists will be disappointed when the apple watch orders in 2015 do not reach hundreds of millions BUT will change the consumers mindset regarding the usability of what you wear

    Keep the great work!

  • Mark

    Whether Apple will allow or even encourage 3rd part accessories to the Apple Watch? I would expect yes as this would facilitate broadest and fastest widest adoption. If this is the most “personal” device that Apple has created, logic suggests to me that they would follow up on that claim by being comfortable with individual accessorizing.

  • jinglesthula

    I’m still not sure it has wifi. I think it may communicate via Bluetooth to the required iPhone which then is the wifi agent that communicates with the Apple TV.

    I think part of the magic of the Watch is that it’s really part of a synergistic duet with the iPhone.

    • jinglesthula

      Ah – from the press release: Wi-Fi 802.11b/g

  • Melchor

    I don´t think apple is going to compete against the classic watch industry because they are not making a watch, they´re making a wereable computer that happens to tell time among many things. I think the strategy of apple here is to become de tag-heuer or omega of this new market, postion themselves first as the premium brand in this category. The question here is if the big watches brand are going to enter the wereable computer market, is going to be interesting.