The Critical Path #124: Big in Japan

Horace and Anders discuss Opening Weekend Sales of iPhone 6, Accurate Timekeeping Device, the 3rd tentpole of Apple Watch, leading to a brief history of wristwatches, a study of Job-to-be-done for the watch and what it signals about Apple’s future.

Horace also announces his new role at the Clay Christensen Institute, and the resumption of Airshow World Tour starting with Airshow Seattle on Nov 8.

via 5by5 | The Critical Path #124: Big in Japan.

  • @mjs1

    The watch referred to I think was the Breitling Emergency watch – newer second edition is out … very James Bond …

    • Walt French

      Definitely something I’d want next time I have to eject from my uncontrollable fighter jet.

      Now, is that the ONLY emergency beacon I’d travel with? Hell, NO! Do pilots lack GPS and radios with global radio service? Ditto. So, what percentage of those emergency watches should ever be used for such? Approximately 0.0%.

  • stefnagel

    Good hopes for Horace’s new endeavor, in the words of Peter Drucker: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”