The Critical Path #162: Nerd Culture

We welcome Henri Dediu for an advance look at technology and the world from the point of view of the latest generation. Insights from this unique perspective and your questions on this special episode of The Critical Path.

Source: The Critical Path #162

  • secret circuit

    your kid is adorable and quite erudite!

  • WFA67

    Am trying to parse your son’s accent. So many resonances…

  • Scott Sterling

    Loved it Horace. Great kid! You’re a good dad.

  • Sorry, Horace, this was painful to listen to. I have similar aged children myself. They both think they are extremely smart. But they don’t have insights we don’t ourselves know already. They are children.

    • Enrico Ros

      I believe young generations see the future in a way we can’t. The lack of knowledge of the past is not a limitation, but an opportunity. Listening carefully reveals where the world will be going, what are their needs, what’s cool, and gives any product-enthusiast or marketer broader perspectives.
      Thanks for this episode, as insightful as Horace’s Porsche buying interview.

  • BoydWaters

    I valued the insight of a person that age. One year younger than my son, yet a different culture, perhaps. Finland versus rural USA.

    Further, I thought that the discussion was thoughtful and articulate, remarkably so for a child. Was a good idea to bring him on the show.

    Would be interesting to interview kids in other cultures. Not necessarily on-air.