My Favorite Apple Watch Myths 

Apple Watch was released April 10th 2015. Eight months later we are holding the first Apple Watch conference. To kick off the discussion, here are my favorite myths about this new product:

Source: My Favorite Apple Watch Myths | Horace Dediu | LinkedIn

  • Space Gorilla

    Good list, but for the naysayers the first and only commandment is: No matter how much Apple succeeds, Apple is not succeeding.

    • marcoselmalo

      Any indication that Apple is succeeding is a clear signal of imminent failure.

  • obarthelemy

    “Not having to dig out a phone from a pocketbook while driving may be many people’s idea of luxury.”. That sounds real safe….

    • MarkS2002

      Modern problems. I suspect the Syrian refugee may not need to worry about that, at all.

      • BMc

        Wow – great insight! Anyone who is in the middle class in the western world has essentially “only” first world problems. They don’t worry each day about shelter, finding food to eat, etc.

        Perhaps you should get rid of all of your possessions so that you can have some 2nd or 3rd world problems – maybe you will be happier.

      • MarkS2002

        Been there, done that. It only led to more worry; but thanks for the advice. Retired to Mexico in an attempt to make my money last a little longer. I hope that is third world enough for you. Currently expecting my heart to one day thump its last, so the convenience of not digging out a cellphone from my pocket is pretty minor, for me, especially as I only use one as a phone and not an Internet email devise. At the point when the Watch can provide blood pressure and blood sugar readings I will welcome it onto my wrist and even buy an iPhone to tether it. Until then, meh.

  • obarthelemy

    I’m flabbergasted by that one:

    “Technology and fashion are contrary opposites. One requires function,
    the other treats function as failure. Just like price does not make
    luxury, fashion does not determine style. All the Watch can do is not
    mess up your personal style. If it tried to be fashionable it would have
    a shelf life of three months.”

    I wouldn’t say they’re opposite, just orthogonal. There have been plenty of fashionable tech products (Nazbatag, 3D TVs, …). And price does make a good part of luxury, some luxury goods are even Veblen goods (raising prices rises demands by making them feel more “exclusive”). Not sure what the “fashion != style” refers to. Lots of things have been fashionable for more than 6 months, and lots of brands for a lot more.

    • jfutral

      Yeah, I’m a bit taken aback by this one, too. If the myth was “Apple Watch is ‘merely’ fashionable”, as in a fashion or trendy “trinket”, I think he would have a better point.

      In terms of the psychology of most tech geeks, though, he does have a point. Other fashionable tech products aside, Apple has long been criticized by techies for paying too much attention to aesthetics. How many times do we hear technophiles decry “form over function”, especially with no real understanding of the roots of the Modern aesthetic, which Apple follows better than most, of “form ever follows function”? As if function insists on and requires banality.

      I do grant as tech has become cool, so, too, has the implied tastes followed. Never before have tech geeks been as concerned about what they wear (both clothes and gear) or drive than today. It is as much about sleekness as gadgetry. Hey, they are making the money, might as well spend it.

      But even in the fashion industry there is ever the war between new and timeless. “Classic” to many just means “old”.


  • HighTech-LowTouch

    Why did Apple name it iWatch in the first place. Why not iWrist, WristPad or something less misleading than iWatch. Seems they wanted to dominate this obvious category and familiar mindset instead of risking it with an ambiguous wrist computer/phone image.

    • fault

      They didn’t name it iWatch, and you could ask the same thing about the phone, so it’s hard to fault the strategy.

      • HighTech-LowTouch

        Wow, didnt even notice. The iThing goes on in your mind but Apple did drop the i this time. So its just Apple Watch, which is kind of boring having the focus on such a limited function. But at least the market category Smart Watch makes sense.

      • BMc

        You clearly know nothing of the product (like starting with its name…) so why bother commenting on it? Just to spread stupidity?

      • HighTech-LowTouch

        I’ve tried it and liked it as well as read the specs. I just find it interesting how they name and position a new pioneering product like this. Thought someone here might have read or heard about that. My comments are not the point, it’s the naming strategy.

  • McAlli*

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