The Critical Path #164: Rocky II

Horace and Anders discuss viewing Apple’s business as a recurring revenue model, then touch on the iPad Pro somewhat unsuccessfully and host a very special guest.

The Critical Path #164

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Rocky II video
Full episode of the show with video where available. Main segment begins at 39:39

Source: The Critical Path #164

  • Brant Arthur

    Did I really just listen to that whole episode? Hoping humans and animals are doing better by the time the next episode rolls around 🙂

  • Scott Sterling

    Just a great episode. Fun.

  • ralphel

    podcast vérité

    When the history of tech podcasting comes to be written this will surely go down as a landmark moment.

    I’m earnestly hoping you’ve not suffered too much for your art.

  • Mo

    The bewilderment in your voice almost broke my heart. I know I’d be a lot more frantic, to say the least.

  • Sacto_Joe

    As luck would have it, I was in my garage dealing with a rodent issue of my own as I listened to this highly amusing podcast. In my case, a rat has decided to winter in my garage, and I’ve been “dueling” with it for at least three days. Time after time, it’s successfully managed to spring the trap and get away scot free with the bait.

    But your podcast has given me renewed hope, and I’ve entered once more into the fray. Sadly, unlike little Rocky, if I’m successful, there will be no reprieve for “Ratso”.

    The weird thing is, I suspect that Ratso knows that….

  • This is what happens when 100,000 air miles are reached. I suggest a reset and a professional but humane trap system followed by a release back to the wild.

  • Brian Kostka

    A real-life ‘Killer-rabbit’

  • On disruption and Apple, I’ve long held the belief that Apple’s actions in the area of the customer experience is its secret weapon and it’s highly disruptive.

    Steve Jobs is well known to have made the customer experience (read: customer satisfaction) a top priority. Somewhere online one can find where he discussed this priority and the some of the actions Apple takes in order to regularly achieve this goal.

    There are data points that support the power of this disruptive force, such as the increasing Android switcher figures quoted by Tim Cook periodically. I suspect the fact that Macintosh has performed better than the overall PC market for something like the last 36 consecutive quarters is another.

  • Max Lein

    I listened to the episode while riding the Shinkansen. Thanks to you a bunch of middle-aged Japanese men think I’m crazy because I was laughing incessantly for no apparent reason.

  • Panos

    Sorry to ask but where is Critical Path #165: “Audio port” in your blog?
    The last part of this episode (about the latest developments regarding disruptive innovation theory) is really very interesting….and disruptive.