Asymcar 30: The Big Bang Theory

We talk finance and other curiosities with Sviatoslav Rosov PhD, CFA, Analyst.

Beginning with Henry Ford’s “Old Fashioned Layaway Plan” followed by the launch of General Motors Acceptance Corporation, the Certified Pre-Owned sleight of hand and today’s auto sales finance and reporting controversies all shaped the industry. Finance is one of many vectors which tie the system together into what its is.

We once again explore the other vectors that might open disruptive opportunities for an entrant. Wide ranging discussion touching all the big points ultimately asking whether Big Bang change is coming. Or will it the big whimper?

Source: 5by5 | Asymcar #30: Asymcar 30: The Big Bang

  • WFA67

    With the roadblocks, dead ends, and uncertainties involved, it concerns me that Apple would pump billions into such an unpredictable product category as a car. Unless, that is, they have something proprietary up their sleeve that is so far out of the proverbial box that we cannot imagine it.

    Apple is Apple because it reaches beyond expectations. Yes, research and development is important, even critical. But the risks as detailed in this podcast suggest they might surrender, spread, or leave these risks to others willing to take them.

    So…what will be the next product with a job to be done that surprises, delights, and changes the world? Tim Cook appears to have a propensity for partnerships. Perhaps that’s where Apple could add huge value to another company’s product. Tesla seems a natural, but so far that seems unlikely.

    • mithlond

      I think the reason Apple might be entering is because it’s so predictable. They feel they have something significant to add where everyone else feels the need to be undifferentiated.