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The Critical Path #95: Catharsis or Anticlimax?

A special episode in three parts: 1) Too many variables: The mechanics of the Microsoft Nokia deal 2) Climbing Everest without oxygen: The implications for Microsoft and 3) Post-abyss: The implications for Nokia.

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This one starts slow but ends with a flurry.

The Critical Path #94: The Limits of Executive Power

We begin with a defense of Ballmer for preserving great things, continue by condemning him for not having destroyed those very same things and end by asking whether anyone could have done the right thing.

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High Density #3: Staying hungry with Ben Thompson

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The Parable of Microsoft

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Written by Ben Thompson (@monkbent)

The Critical Path #93: The Innovator's Curse

Markets are expected to do one thing and one thing only: determine price. What happens when they fail? The tragedy and comedy of corporate raiders. Also more on what you can expect form Airshow New York.

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High Density #2: Tim Bajarin

High Density is an interview show where we try to articulate what it means to be great. My guests offer observations and insights into the transformation of business and society through technology.

Episode 2: Tim Bajarin

Tim recalls the beginning, middle and end of the PC industry and we discuss the causes of each.

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The Critical Path #92: Microsoft's Critical Path

Horace talks about Microsofts reorganization from Divisional to Functional, and the implications on their Windows and Mobile OS roadmaps. In doing so, he and Moisés touch briefly on the subject of last episode, Scott Forstalls ouster from Apple.

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The Critical Path #91: Apple's Douglas MacArthur

Horace expands on last episode’s discussion of organizational structure, as well as his recent appearance on Screen Time with Guy English. We begin speculation on the job iWatch would be hired to do, and preview the relaunch of High Density.

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Screen Time #40: The Puck

Horace Dediu and Guy English join Moisés to look at the rallying forces in the arms race for content. Does Apple have too well-entrenched a lead? How will their gaming strategy compete with traditional consoles? How and why would they make a TV set?

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The Critical Path #89: Not Bad for a Hobby

Horace reflects on his analysis of iTunes purchase data, details the just-announced AirShow in Chicago, and touches on fascinating “heat maps” of mobile platform use. We close our week of three shows by talking about “deep focus” and Citizen Kane.

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The Critical Path #88: Siri in the Driver's Seat

In the second part of our WWDC wrapup, we delve into the large-scale shift represented by iOS 7. Siri guides us on the journey from navigation to consumption in our latest AsymCar segment, and Horace examines what iWork for iCloud means.

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