Samsung plans for Android, Bada, Windows Phone and Symbian phones

“We are not seeing visible demand for Symbian,” she said.

via Samsung says to focus on Android, bada software | Reuters.

I was ready to dig into this, but the same person is quoted saying this of Microsoft’s new Windows Phone:

“There is still some professional, specialized demand there,”


Windows Phone is anything but professional and specialized. It’s designed to orphan business users and is targeted to mainstream use.

Another example of head-scratching random marketing word generation.

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  • Tom Ross

    Samsung also said that they're going to ship 25 million smartphones in 2010 and 50 million in 2011.

    How many did the ship in H1 2010? 5, 6 million? So they expect up to 10 million smartphones shipped in each of the next 2 quarters? The Galaxy S seems to be going very well.

  • Tom

    ya gotta love it:
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  • Tom

    sorry! posted in the wrong place; thought this was walt disney loves android.