Buying an iPhone in China? Better bone up on your math.

The operator instinct for consumer hostility knows no national boundaries.

Here is a table with no less than 100 numbers to ponder when deciding on an iPhone plan:

Contract plans for iPhone at China Unicom.

  • Tom

    My English grammar skills love a challenge like this, found in the small, very small print after all those numbers:

    4. month 6GB data traffic over automatically closed after the data capabilities, automatic opening next month

    I think it says this: your monthly allowance of 6GB(!) will be automatically closed if you reach your capacity, and automatically reopened the next month.

    Wow, size matters!

  • David Chu

    Given that I live in Asia, i would say that I can give an accurate outlook on Apple products in Asia.

    As far as the Asian markets are concerned, developed countries such as Taiwan and Japan are more accepting of iOS.

    Mainland China is an interesting market. People there will not accept a brand unless they feel that the company really cares about the Chinese market. A good song is that Apple is expanding their number of retail stores in China. Whithout hay effort, the Chinese market is closed to any entrants.

    Sorry if my post doesn't make sense. I just had a dinner party at my plaid and as Chinese customs go…. I'm freaking drunk!

    • This is very interesting and insightful. The stores are probably more important than most people assume.

      • David Chu

        Caution… Still drunk…

        I just had a talk with a leading automation networking company in Taiwan. They specifically told me that when they approached mainland Chinese companies about their services that the companies replied, "You guys come here for two weeks at a time. What makes you think we can trust you."

        Doing businesss in Asia is much different from Westernized countries. Truthfully, I might be of Asian descent, but vie had to learn how to adjust.

  • GoodyBird

    That's 180 degree to the way feature phone is being billed:
    You go to any news stand, you buy minutes, you scratch the card,
    you punch the code.

  • famousringo

    I believe this is what they call "the tyranny of choice."

  • Mark

    That doesn't look all that complex… in fact, it looks just like Telstra's pricing in Australia:

  • Tom

    My English grammar skills like a challenge, but not like this, found in the tiny print after all those numbers:
    2. "Charges apply for excluded usage and for usage over the included value amount. "Standard calls/SMS" excludes calls/SMS to premium numbers (e.g. 19XX numbers), operator assisted calls (e.g. most 12XX numbers), content charges (incl third party charges), info calls (e.g. most 13XX and 11XX numbers), data usage, diverted calls and use while overseas. See for details. Unused allowance expires monthly."
    Where is google translate when you really need it?