Turning up the volume: iPhone overtakes iPod

Another chart that speaks for itself. The iPod has been quite resilient as a product line but with both the iPhone and iPad embedding an iPod, cannibalization is happening.

The iPhone is now the new volume leader among Apple’s devices.

  • Rob Scott

    As you said the chart speaks for itself! We will see Q4, the strongest quarter for the iPod, if iPhone passes that. Damn.
    What about Mac vs. iPad?

    • Famousringo

      Mac vs iPad is short enough it should be easy to visualize:

      First quarter – iPad nowhere near Mac
      Second quarter – whoah, ipad's pretty close to Mac
      Third quarter – iPad is little bigger than Mac
      (predicted) fourth quarter – iPad is almost twice as big as Mac and climbing

    • asymco

      Coming tomorrow.

      • Rob Scott

        May you also add your forecast for the next let's 8 quarters for both Mac and iPad for interest sake.

  • MattF

    I'm still in the market for an iPod because I've got a large music collection, but I'd expect that the iPod app is just fine for most people.

    • Atul Barry

      I too have a large music collection, and have solved the problem by putting it in a 160GB Classic iPod. It also back it up to the 1Gen Apple TV.

      To save space in the iPad/iPhone, I copy some songs to these devices with 128 br. This option is available in iTunes. I have not noticed any loss of sound quality, but I'm not an audiophile.

  • Joe_Winfield_IL

    I'm very curious to see what the refreshed iPod lineup does at Christmas this year. The products (in particular iPod touch) got a major facelift. Facetime could be a big selling point. However, the iPad will be able to cannibalize sales for the first time this year. Could it be enough to keep iPod below iPhone going forward?

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