Postcards for Asymco: metropolitan distribution of views by operating system

Based on a reader query, I tried to find out where, by city, my readership is concentrated. I also sought to break this audience down by operating system.

Here are some observations:

For the last 30 days, here are the top operating systems used to reach, with the number of views from each.

  1. Macintosh 153,768
  2. Windows 101,329
  3. iPhone 78,716
  4. iPad 34,878
  5. Linux 7,262
  6. iPod 5,516
  7. Android 4,869
  8. (not set) 1,236
  9. BlackBerry 447
  10. SymbianOS 396

Looking at each OS, I can list the top cities where readers came from.

MacintoshΒ 153,768

  1. London 6,513
  2. San Francisco 5,316
  3. New York 5,089
  4. Cupertino 4,293
  5. Austin 2,589
  6. Sydney 2,182
  7. Helsinki 2,131
  8. Los Angeles 1,918
  9. Seattle 1,847
  10. Portland 1,482

Windows 101,329

  1. London 3,827
  2. New York 3,275
  3. Helsinki 1,598
  4. San Francisco 1,504
  5. Seoul 1,409
  6. San Jose 1,260
  7. Chennai 1,226
  8. Sydney 1,116
  9. Seattle 1,100
  10. Melbourne 1,035

iPhone 78,716

  1. San Francisco 5,203
  2. New York 4,406
  3. London 4,053
  4. Chicago 2,328
  5. Seattle 1,836
  6. Los Angeles 1,638
  7. Melbourne 1,430
  8. Seoul 1,402
  9. (not set) 1,376
  10. Sydney 1,261

iPad 34,878

  1. London 1,759
  2. New York 1,060
  3. San Francisco 1,020
  4. Chicago 857
  5. Melbourne 739
  6. Outremont 694
  7. Santa Rosa 585
  8. Seattle 555
  9. San Jose 456
  10. Santa Clarita 440

Linux 7,262

  1. San Francisco 376
  2. London 233
  3. Helsinki 180
  4. New York 131
  5. Cambridge 126
  6. Bangalore 109
  7. Nantes 109
  8. Sydney 107
  9. Perchtoldsdorf 93
  10. Paris 86

iPod 5,516

  1. Eau Claire 471
  2. Melbourne 396
  3. Seattle 290
  4. Abuja 248
  5. San Jose 214
  6. Hudson 197
  7. Sydney 195
  8. Budapest 109
  9. Boston 95
  10. London 86

Android 4,869

  1. Seoul 761
  2. (not set) 325
  3. Dallas 248
  4. New York 169
  5. Amsterdam 148
  6. Calcutta 131
  7. San Francisco 81
  8. London 74
  9. Los Angeles 74
  10. Bergen 72

BlackBerry 447

  1. New York 121
  2. (not set) 78
  3. Waterloo 56
  4. London 50
  5. Buenos Aires 16
  6. Hong Kong 9
  7. Oldsmar 9
  8. Fairfield 7
  9. Wappingers Falls 6
  10. Boston 5

Symbian OS 396

  1. Helsinki 216
  2. Kauniainen 23
  3. London 21
  4. Seoul 13
  5. Tehran 10
  6. Frederiksberg 6
  7. (not set) 4
  8. Chennai 4
  9. Krakow 4
  10. San Francisco 4

The first surprise for me is that Seoul is the most popular source for Android views.

The second is that London is so prominent. Although the US is the biggest source of traffic by far, London is a very concentrated source from the UK.

The third is how there seem to be no Blackberry readers in the SF area.

  • simon

    this is fascinating. I was wondering, does this include RSS readers? I usually read your posts from RSS, so may not be counted?

    • asymco

      No, RSS hits are not pageviews.

  • jecrawford

    What is the Mac OS X "city" source based on? I am in the UK but I am not based in London, so I assume that somehow I am aggregated into London as representative of the whole of the UK.


    • asymco

      If you are in UK but not in London, you would not be showing up in the London count. The way the stats classify location is by the registered location of the IP address. You'll note that for the Mac numbers, the top ten don't add up to the total views. There are 510 localities recorded from UK. The highest is London with 9211 visits, the second is Manchester with 490, quite a gap.

      • Duncan

        Registered location of IP address is imprecise because it reflects the location of the site visitor's internet service provider's host computer and not the location of the site visitor. For example, the registered location of my current IP address is more than 300 miles away from where I actually am.

  • David Chu

    Can I add myself to the list?

    Taiwan – 30

  • Man, he's hitting refresh a lot. Is that allowed? πŸ™‚

    • Kristian

      That amount makes the whole Cuppertino Campus.. so everybody there reads this πŸ˜‰

  • Ken

    What's the deal with Eau Claire under iPod? That town has approx. 60,000 people.

  • MattF

    Note that locations in the Washington DC metropolitan area are likely to be registered in small municipalities in Northern Virginia or Maryland (Tysons Corner, Arlington, Sterling, Chantilly, Reston, Rosslyn, Bethesda, Silver Spring, Rockville, etc.) rather than in the District of Columbia.

    • WaltFrench

      Yes, and Mr. Google sez that Kauniainen is in Helsinki's metro area.

      All the geo oddities, however, seem to support the view that Asymco is valuable (Ok, at least interesting) for the HQ types who visit using their own company products.

      There's the second feature that caused me to smile: that Windows, the #2 OS here, was so far down San Francisco's list. Classy.

      • Marcos El Malo

        Los Angeles didn't even make it onto the Win list! I guess this is more of a content town, so Win users aren't likely to be aware of Asymco.

  • Hap

    Was surprised to see Santa Rosa listed. I live in the Berkeley, but my ISP ( is in Santa Rosa. Sonic's reputation seems to have made it popular, so I wonder if many of those 585 iPads are actually in the Bay Area, rather than Sonoma County to the north.

  • Kristian

    It would be interesting to investigate that what companies are in those locations and draw the conclusions from that πŸ™‚

  • Stefan

    Practically no Symbian ussers, and half of the few are from Finland.

    • Kristian

      Sad isn't it πŸ˜€

  • Ted_T

    Wow, New York CIty 5,089 — Cupertino 4,293. There is a much greater upside potential in NYC πŸ™‚ That, and I guess RSS readers are not very popular on the Apple campus. Note also that Redmond, WA doesn't appear in the stats — I guess at Microsoft headquarters heads continue to be buried deep in the sand.

    Posted from NYC (and I don't use RSS either…)

    • Alexkhan2000

      The Wall Street types are apparently slow to catch on to what's *REALLY* going on. πŸ˜‰

  • Stefan

    iOS has more readers as Windows, Linux, Android, Rim and Symbian combined and about 20x as many as other mobile OS.

  • Iphoned

    Only Mac users from Cupertino? I wonder why.

  • asymco

    I'm going to keep RSS feed full content as it provides more options on reading. Unlike regular publishers (web or print) I am not trying to optimize my traffic. I am concerned with maximizing the reading and comprehension of my content. Subtle difference.

    • WaltFrench

      Subtle, perhaps, but not unnoticed by your readers. Thank you.

  • capablanca

    Horace, when I saw the Seoul number, my first thought was that Samsung is reading what you write. Likewise, Nokia from their Symbian devices in Helsinki. I should also note that Waterloo is a suburb of Toronto, where a certain Canadian phone manufacturer is headquartered.


  • strowger

    How are you determining the visitors’ location? UK ISPs’ networks are very centralised on London. I imagine many provincial visitors will appear as being in London.

    Do you see any in Mamchester?

  • Alexkhan2000

    Must be all the low-rung Samsung analysts in Seoul doing competitive studies on their Android phones (as well as Windows PC's) to present to their big-wig executives. Haha. Obviously, Samsung sees Apple as a major competitive threat as well as a big customer. Samsung is watching Apple like a hawk and rightfully so. Apple is now their number one competitor (they've now pretty much squashed Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba and LG) as well as number one customer. That's a tricky situation to manage. It's the same with Apple – Samsung is Apple's number one hardware competitor as well as number one supplier. It's the ultimate love-hate relationship.

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  • HGW

    and iOS is bigger than Windows though.