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Day November 2, 2010

[Sponsor] SpringAhead, demystifying clock changes

My friend Michael Douma developed an app that shows how the genre can demystify complex concepts and make them simple and approachable.

He developed the original site (the official clock of the United States) and took the idea forward, educating the world about how time zones and time changing works through a web exhibit.

The culmination of the effort is an app that not only packages the web site but allows for a new level of interaction to educate and illustrate the reasons for the confusing and frustrating ritual of changing of the clocks.

By adapting web content to interactive app content, the concept leaps off the screen. You can learn about the rationale of clock changes, get the historic perspective, the international variance, be alerted to the shifts, alert others and, of course, find out when the change happens no matter where you (or your friends) are.

Check it out, SpringAhead[1] $1.99 on the App Store.

[1] I was modestly involved in the concepting.

Absolute value: the handset market stacked

In previous posts I detailed shares for units, sales and profits. I also offered different ways to look at the data like rankings and profit “area” maps.

This article is about the absolute numbers. What is the total market in terms of units sold, sales and operating profits.

The time frame remains from the second quarter in 2007 to the third quarter of 2010. The same eight vendors are analyzed (with “Other” available for units analysis only).