Predictions on Nokia's new platform strategy: new OS for the US

Nokia must compete on an ecosystem to ecosystem basis.

In addition to great device experiences we must build, capitalize and/or join a competitive ecosystem. The ecosystem approach we select must be comprehensive and cover a wide range of utilities and services that customers expect today and anticipate in the future.

Nokia CEO Discusses Q4 2010 Results – Earnings Call Transcript – Seeking Alpha

These kind of statements are signaling that there will be fundamental changes announced.

Here are my guesses for the February 11 announcement: Continue reading “Predictions on Nokia's new platform strategy: new OS for the US”

$76 billion a year from a tableful of products

During the calendar year 2010 Apple spent nearly $2 billion in R&D. That is a significant increase from $714 million in 2006. However, as a percent of sales, R&D spending has decreased. Sales have grown more rapidly than resources hired to develop the products (or to sell them).

In Q4 2005 Operational Expenses (costs which are not tied directly to units of production–sometimes called fixed costs) were 14.2% of sales. In the last quarter of 2010, the ratio was 9.2%. Sales and administrative expenses (which include advertising, promotion and overhead) were 7.1% and R&D (which includes all engineering, testing) were 2.2%. As percent of sales both reached new lows. Continue reading “$76 billion a year from a tableful of products”