Welcome Dirk Schmidt, Asymco Contributing Author

Asymco has reached nearly 19,000 comments from nearly 5,200 contributors. I value every comment and read them all. The process of contribution leads to peer review and encourages differing points of view. It’s essential to finding errors, testing assumptions and, ultimately, learning.

Since starting this blog, I’ve thought about how to increase the participation of the audience and how to offer it as a platform for others. There is a fundamental limit to how much one person can contribute and “move the ball forward.” In that spirit, the method I’m initiating today is to allow comment writers to also write as contributor authors.

Dirk Schmidt is the first such author. Dirk is a resident of Finland but is a native of Germany. He worked in corporate finance for six years. Prior to that, Dirk was an intern at Nokia and practiced management consulting.

Dirk has an MSc from the Leipzig Graduate School of Management. He is on Twitter as @disc1979. Initially Dirk will write on topics related to financial markets and financial analysis.

As Asymco expands, it should be understood as a resource that has many individuals behind it. I look forward to welcoming many more contributors.

  • disruptive

    • Old Man

      🙂 and welcome!

  • Asymco appears to have hit critical mass.

    Stay hungry and foolish.

  • Omar Grant

    Welcome, looking forward to your work 😉

  • Paolo

    Nice to see the site grow. Welcome Dirk!

  • Eric D.

    More posts, more better!

  • Famousringo

    Welcome Dirk! I look forward to finding more quality content when I compulsively hit refresh on this page. 🙂

  • Congrats Dirk and welcome aboard. I look forward to your additional insights into the world of mobile.

  • Anon

    Does that mean he's a paid analyst? Just wondering.

    • Relayman5C

      Irrelevant to me. He wouldn't do it if he wasn't satisfied with the financial arrangements, if any.

  • Ajay

    Welcome Dirk

    You have a high standard to keep up 🙂

  • To me = Horace, Horace = Now what is going to happen when Dirk wants to post a comment that is not in line with Horace's way of seeing things? Will it be published? If so, will that post represent's way of thinking?

    • Horace Dediu

      Asymco needs to be separated from me as Apple was separated from Jobs. I am still the editor of the site so there is oversight (curation) of content but that too can be transferred at some point in time.

      The way of thinking is also separate from the conclusions drawn, hopefully.

  • nomster

    A good idea – although there's the impending risk of Dirk asserting something that you, Horace, disagree with.

    The Jobs/Apple analogy is risky: Make sure Mr Schmidt signs a declaration that he'll never start a coup to get you ousted from your own company;)

    Seriously though, welcome Dirk Schmidt – the fact you've been accorded this facility by Horace is already testament to your credibility.

  • Jyashinsky

    How about note the post’s author on the front page now 🙂