Apple Investor Summit

This is a quick note that I’ll be speaking at the Apple Investor Summit, March 15-16, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. My topic will be the analysis of Apple’s capital structure for strategic insight.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs’ Biographer, will be keynote speakers.

The organizers are offering a Friends, Family & Followers VIP discount pre-sale from today until Friday, November 4th. Go to to register at the discounted rate and check out the other speakers.


  • Anonymous

    Tempting. Though I’d really only be interested in your talk.

    • Mark212

      me too, and maybe Andy Zaky’s presentation. Have you thought about a special appearance after your presentation at the conference? Easy to arrange a small conference room nearby and have The Water Grill bring in some food for “An Evening with Horace.” I’d pay $200 for that … anybody else?

      • Anonymous

        Wow, that’s a great idea, Mark212 (wonders what happened to Mark1 through Mark211). I could go for that.

      • I’ll think about it and let you know.

        Thanks for the idea.

  • Secular Investor

    Looks very interesting.

    I’ve booked two places

  • Vpuntambekar

    Horace…you are definitely moving up and well deserved. Good luck. Will you share your presentation with this forum? Just curious for those to cannot attend.

    • I hope so. The challenge is that I intend to use many animations.

  • Anonymous

    Too rich for this fixed income person’s blood, but I’d love to be a fly on the wall listenin’ in!

  • tanako

    I think you should introduce your option value of cash concept to public at the summit! I don’t think there is a better platform than that for it.

  • Billykunz

    I just signed up.
    Where are you staying?