Apple Investor Summit

This is a quick note that I’ll be speaking at the Apple Investor Summit, March 15-16, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. My topic will be the analysis of Apple’s capital structure for strategic insight.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs’ Biographer, will be keynote speakers.

The organizers are offering a Friends, Family & Followers VIP discount pre-sale from today until Friday, November 4th. Go to to register at the discounted rate and check out the other speakers.


Announcing the Asymco Store and the first Asymco T-shirt

In celebration of one year of, the Asymco store is now open.

Home – Asymco Store

I am extremely grateful to Michael Burgstahler of Two Tribes design for leadership in creating the first t-shirt design:

Based in the home town of Mercedes Benz and Porsche, Two Tribes has been in the creativity business for 18 years with clients like Ricoh, State Bank of Baden-Württemberg, Bosch and Siemens. They even built an app “Favorelli” and opened a little shop for home decoration.

This masterpiece, along with a logo only version is available now.

Supporting Asymco

I’ve received many supportive comments following the Fortune piece. Many also worried that the site is fragile due to a lack of income.  I’d like to put those worries to rest.

First, I want to state one goal for the site which defines my attitude toward how to monetize it: I intend this site to be a useful resource to the reader.

From utility comes value. I want readers to obtain value with a high signal/noise ratio. Unless well targeted, advertising drives up the noise factor and lowers usefulness. I would only accept advertising if it improved the value to the reader. Since ad networks will push ads over which I have no control I cannot be sure that they are adding value and not contradicting my content. But as you see in the right-most column, I do accept advertisements (sponsors) whose message I can evaluate and curate. You can be a sponsor (see the sponsorship page for a measure of what value you can gain from exposure through Asymco).

Second, there is also another way to support Asymco: if you use iTunes, do your music, movies, app or TV show shopping through the affiliate link in my site. It’s the App Store logo in the upper right corner. Or bookmark this link: Support Asymco by buying content. I receive a commission of up to 5% from any purchase made through that link. It has already been enough to pay for my hosting.

Third, there are also indirect ways in which I derive value from Asymco. I offer consulting, data and services to clients directly. If you are interested in any of these feel free to contact me directly by email.

Thanks to all who read and contribute comments to this site. The biggest value to me is the learning I get from interacting with the readers.