Interactive Smartphone Platforms Data

Warning: This requires Flash.

Try the following settings:

  • Bar Chart
  • Set X-axis (Order) to Alphabetical.
  • Set Y-Axis to Share of all Phones.
  • Set Color: Unique colors.
  • Press Play or use scroll bar to scrub through time.

Click here for a larger version.

  • Drew

    Fantastic chart. Android’s acceleration in growth and how it coincides with non-smart’s decline is very clear in this.

    Thanks for all your wonderful work Horace!

  • Luis Berumen

    It lets regular Joes like myself notice the rapid growth of Android in comparison with everything else. Android’s base is enormous.

  • Keith Broadbent

    how do I post this on a paper I am writing. I can put link but would like it to just show.
    Nice work by the way.

    • You can use screen grab to take a snapshot(s).