Asymconf 1.0

The first Asymconf was conducted on Friday, April 13th, 2012 in Amsterdam. Here are some statistics from the show:

  1. 155 registered participants and over 1000 participation hours
  2. Over 500 tweets generated during the day (#asymconf)
  3. Eight hours of conference executed on schedule
  4. Three iPads used to facilitate: one as a whiteboard, one as a slide presenter and one as an interactive motion chart.
  5. Seven video cameras used to capture over 1 terabyte of video data.
  6. Four cases conducted with majority of time spent on audience participation

Overall, feedback has been very positive. We will now edit the video to make it available for download. We will also analyze all aspects of the event to understand how it can be improved and post our findings.

We plan to hold Asymconf 2.0 in approximately six months somewhere on the West Coast of the US. We are already scouting for locations.

If you have photos or additional comments regarding the event that you’d like to share, please post them below.

My thanks to those who made Asymconf possible:


  • Hope you make high definition video available. Maybe start a torrent we can all seed to save you on bandwidth costs?

  • Had a great time – and got some new insight in Apple’s answer to disruptive innovation. Case method will benefit from next iteration – 2.0 is going to be a blast (not sure I’ll be able to attend).
    Here’s a picture taken just before you got started.

  • mbotta

    sorry i couldn’t be there. happy it was so successful!

  • People that missed this one should definitely go to the one in US in six months.

    Here are my photos:

  • Chris Harris

    You should ask Panu if you can use the music in front of Critical Path. Music used appropriately can create both an emotional connection and set the tone of the content to be delivered. I thought the music delivered on both fronts.

  • vincent_rice

    Congrats Horace. Please keep London in mind for a meeting at some point.

  • Adamthompson3232

    San Francisco for round 2!!

  • Really happy I was able to attend. I got what I was looking for out of Asymconf – examples of how to apply disruption theory to new areas, like library science in my case. Thanks again for letting me volunteer, and I hope to help out with the next one as well!

  • Great achievement, Horace. Congratulations! 

  • Congratulations Horace!  I’m really interested in seeing conferences disrupted or even just changed up a little.  I’m glad we’ll all get to watch it shortly.  And don’t forget to consider San Diego, where the weather is always incredible, there’s lots to do besides eat and drink, and we’re called “Silicon Beach” for a reason. 🙂

  • Oak

    San Diego!! Give those SF/SJ/SV folks a chance to warm up 🙂

  • Congratulations, Horace. 

  • Congratulations, Horace. 

  • Great stuff, Horace! Will you post some snippets?!

  • LRLee

    If you narrow your locations down to Los Angeles, I suggest UCLA
    Home to the UCLA Anderson School of Management as well as other great institutions.

  • Tim Lauer

    Hope you consider holding the next one in Portland,OR… Would like to attend…

  • Oak

    Crikey, Horace, you made Andrew Sullivan’s blog.
    I propose a new forecast chart: When will Asymco’s rate of growth exceed Apple’s?

  • George Bluth Sr.

    I’ve been following Horace from the beginning. I’m what you call an asymco hipster. This man is destined for much bigger things than this website. If you’re not regularly invited to speak on television within 12 months, I will continue to stop watching television.

    • I’m not expecting an invitation. I’m building my own show.

      • George Bluth Sr.

        Paradoxically, and selfishly, I don’t want you to be more famous so that I can benefit from your work. But, alas, your time will come and you’ll shift the larger zeitgeist.

      • Darren

        Horace, it’s this attitude that makes your blog so valuable.  Please keep blazing your own trail.

  • Thank you for an absolutely great and inspiring day, Horace. I have just recommended you to a Danish tech conference.

    Best regards,

    Jakob Mikkelsen

  • “We plan to hold Asymconf 2.0 in approximately six months somewhere on
    the West Coast of the US. We are already scouting for locations.”

    Southern California please.  😉

    • The Bay Area or Silicon Valley seem like a more obvious choice, BUT Horace seems to be in the midst of a crush on the movie business! 😉

  • How long until we can purchase a digitally edited version of this conference on iTunes? You’ve mentioned how it would be similar to a Louis C.K. [in house] production. How long until you can take my money?

    • Editing is underway. I can’t make any promises but we are working on it as fast as possible.

      • Thank you taking the time to respond. I can’t wait for it!

  • Horace and Indrek, a wonderful conference. Innovative, effective group intervention. An engaged community of participants. Good issues, discussion and learning. Learned a great deal from everyone… the point you were trying to make. Thank you for the T-shirt! See you again.

  • I found the last part (4th, on education) weaker than others. Most of comments were too idiosyncratic and not really suited for thinking it over as cases/opportunities for disruption of education.

    I found this tension in all cases presented – tension between people willing to talk and host’s obligation to tie it to disruption and make a case out of it. First two cases were great and mostly because of very well prepared introduction by host.

    Don’t take my comment personally, Horace and “case speakers”. It was probably my first encounter with “case method” and I am hesitant to call it absolute success.

  • LRLee

    Sorry for asking something trivial but was the conference done in English? Did you take any statistics along the lines of gender, age, nationality, education, profession? Just curious

    • The conference was conducted in English. We did not do any audience analysis because we did not ask people to identify themselves other than their names. We captured nothing from the audience except their thoughts.

  • Following our discussion on the jobs-to-be-done of television, I summarized uses & gratifications research on television. Available at: