MacDirectory: Exclusive | Apple's iOS Market Analysis

HD: Apps are like the sauce in a dish. They add flavor and distinguish the dish. Increasingly they also offer nourishment. Some would argue that we can live with plain cooking but spices drove people to do incredible things like risking life to discover new continents. Being the world’s best source for spices means the most innovative and brilliant minds will be attracted to innovate on top of Apple’s platforms.

Read more of the interview by Markin Abras here: MacDirectory: Exclusive | Apple’s iOS Market Analysis.

  • kankerot

    So the main ingredients are plain. Sauce adds flavour. They combine to make a tasty dish. Apps = Sauce. Ingredients = Apple hardware = plain with not taste.
    But spices can be combined. Which multiple apps can be combined into a single app? Also the push now is for using less spices and concentrate on the quality of the ingredients. So Apple is the best source for spices you cannot combine with the plainest tasting ingredients.

    • “Also the push now is for using less spices and concentrate on the quality of the ingredients.”

      Well good luck with that. Seems my daughter wanted to upgrade her HTC phone’s system software. It can’t be done. No matter her “salesperson” promised the ability when she signed up.

      So the complaint of the day is that apps should be more multifunctional. And I need a better boss, a raise, better mileage out of my truck and customers who know what they want.

      Truth to tell the state of product delivery by Apple is the best it’s ever been for any business anywhere. This is as good as it gets and it’s getting better.

  • Jony

    Horace for president!

  • KirkBurgess

    I love the way Siri is disrupting Search.
    people often say how wonderful Googles Search engine is, but in truth I think its merely the best of a ugly way to get the data I want.
    When i type a query into google, I hate having to wade through results, both paid for placement & unpaid, because that’s what googles business model is. Often the data I want is simply a fact and I dont need the extra step & effort needed to go through various links to tell me the answer.
    I love that Siri first integrated with Wolfram Alpha, and it tells/shows me the factual data without any extra steps or mental processing on my part. The more data services Siri integrates with, and the more devices Siri appears on, the nearer the point will come to never needing to type in a search box again & have thousands of paid & unpaid links for me to go through to support a “middleman”.