5by5 | The Critical Path #71: Max Headroom

On assessing demand from “supplier checks”; measuring headroom and the race to a billion users; the disruption of computing becoming accepted by PC industry.

via 5by5 | The Critical Path #71: Max Headroom.

  • stefn

    Re TV: Horace notes that the first iPhone was not a good phone. But it was a nifty browser. Similarly my iMac is not a great TV, but it’s a heck of a browser. I dumped the TV and cancelled cable. With Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, etc., an iMac is a good enough TV, with an iPad for a remote as well as second screen. What’s not to like?

    • suddy

      I have an iMac and I am thinking of doing the same, using the Mac as my TV screen sub. How do I use the iPad as an remote? does it require an app?

  • I don’t get the June talk of a 5s. Ideally if AAPL is going to shift to a six month cycle it would release in Mar/ Apr and then again in Sep/Oct. A Sep/Oct release captures Christmas and Chinese New Year giving seasons whereas a June release may have people holding out for the next release. Would love to see AAPL move to a six month cycle especially since Samsung tries to launch its newest model during AAPL transitional period from one model to the next.

    • The iPad is now selling faster than the iPhone of two years ago (iPhone 4 launch) and it’s already on a 6 month cycle. What buying behavior distinguishes the iPhone from the iPad?

      • I have no issue with a six month iphone cycle, but June is too late. They need fresh products being released in Oct to capitalize on the holiday season. The ipad3 shipped in March and the iPad4 shipped in October which IMO is the ideal timing.

  • Karthik

    Hi Horace…does High Density also equal Horace Dediu (HD) πŸ™‚ .. Nice show!! Looking fwd to the next round of interviews…

  • We have to thank Horace for that the Apple gives even more information about how it is doing around the world. This is the info that Horace has been asking and now Apple delivers it . Kind of a extra Xmas gift for Horace. I bet that Tim and Peter reads Asymco. πŸ˜€