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Day December 16, 2013

Sponsor: Atlassian’s agile guide

What’s the point of an agile standup meeting?

Gone are the days of 30-minute status meetings where most people are half-asleep or pecking away on their laptops, oblivious to what’s being said. Agile standups are the leaner, more efficient cousin of status meetings where attendees actually stand up. On our feet, we’re more focused, attentive, and concise. It’s science!

Whether you need robust tools for planning and tracking projects, communicating with coworkers, deploying products, or just some general tips on how to run an agile shop (and how to run them), Atlassian is here to offer you the tools and advice you need to get the most out of your agile practice.

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The Critical Path #105: Subsidize This

Horace unpacks the rumored, denied, and seemingly inevitable arrival of iPhone on China Mobile. Reflecting on smartphone adoption in the US, where does the unconventional logic take us from here?

via 5by5 | The Critical Path #105: Subsidize This.

The Critical Path #104: Cinematic Presentations

Fresh off of back-to-back AirShows, Horace discusses the future of his “cinematographic” presentation style and announces Airshow World Tour. We also look at episode #103’s prescient prediction of Amazon’s move into delivering their own products.

via 5by5 | The Critical Path #104: Cinematic Presentations.

The EcoV

In this episode we move beyond just talking about our pet theories of automotive disruption and interview someone who is doing something about it.

Asymcar 8: The EcoV | Asymcar.

If you want to know more about Toyota’s secret sauce, why GM could not make an electric vehicle and how decisions are made in the auto industry then you should listen.